Heart Pillar

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The first Heart Pillar
Mario placing the first Pure Heart into its pillar

The Heart Pillars are tall pillars scattered around Flipside and Flopside that are used to house the Pure Hearts in Super Paper Mario. Once the four heroes place a Pure Heart into a Heart Pillar, a new doorway to another dimension becomes available.

There are eight heart pillars in the game, and they are mostly found in the outskirts of Flipside and Flopside (though the game's first Heart Pillar is found on floor three of Flipside, and the fifth is in the equivalent location in Flopside). They also typically require the use of a certain Pixl or the abilities of a certain hero, usually one obtained in the previous chapter, in order to be reached. However, the final Heart Pillar, which can be accessed anytime after entering Flopside, remains invisible until its respective Pure Heart is found, with only its signature heart indentation visible in the air.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハメールストーン
Hamēru Stōn
Embed Stone; Hamēru is from the verb hameru (embed)
German Herzsäule Herz means "heart", Säule means "pillar"
Spanish Pilar del Corazón Pillar of the Heart