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Species Flipsider
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Gooooooooooood day!”
Howzit, Super Paper Mario

Howzit is a shopkeeper in Super Paper Mario. He has shops in multiple areas throughout the game, including Flipside, Yold Town, Downtown of Crag, and even Outer Space (the Outer Space shop, known as Twinkle Mart, only sells candy bars and the player cannot store or pick things up, or earn shop points). However, in Flopside, his counterpart Notso runs the local shop and the Howzit in Downtown of Crag sports a caveman's outfit similar to the native Cragnons. His name is a pun on the question "How's it?" and he frequently uses the word "gooood" as his catchphrase.

Howzit's Merchandise[edit]


Yold Town[edit]

Howzit's shop in Yold Town.

Outer Space[edit]

Twinkle Mart, Howzit's shop in space.

Downtown of Crag[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミスター・マイドー
Misutā Maidō
Mister Maido, "thanks for the business"
French Sava Derived from Ça va? (how's it?)
German Wigetz Derived from Wie gehts? (how's it?)
Italian Komeva Derived from Come va? (how's it?)
Spanish (NOE) Ketal Derived from ¿Qué tal? (how's it?)


  • The German version states that Notso, rather than Howzit, runs the Twinkle Mart in Outer Space.