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Species Flopsider
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Not so bad a day to you!”
Notso, Super Paper Mario

Notso is a shopkeeper in Super Paper Mario. Unlike Howzit, who has other shops throughout the game, Notso runs a shop only in Flopside. Also, he uses the term "Not so," in his sentences frequently, as Howzit uses "good."

Notso's Merchandise[edit]

Notso's shop

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミスター・オオキニ
Misutā Ōkini
From "mister" and「大きに」(ōkini, which means "thank you" in Kansai dialect)
French Patro From pas trop (not so)
German Getzo From geht so (not bad)
Italian KozìKozì From così così (not so)
Spanish (NOE) Nifunifá From ni fu ni fa (not bad)


  • Harold, a Flopsider living on the first floor of Flopside, got a wedding ring that he could not afford for 60 years for his wife Gertrude by working the graveyard shift at Notso's shop.
  • The German version states that Notso, rather than Howzit, runs the Twinkle Mart in Outer Space.