Castle Bleck Interior

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Castle Bleck Interior
Luigi in Castle Bleck.
Level code 8-3
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Dimentio
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The Castle Bleck Interior is the main location of Castle Bleck during Super Paper Mario.

Chapter 8-3: Countdown to Destruction[edit]

Storyline text

First Bowser and then the fair Princess Peach were lost to the halls of Castle Bleck.

Would they ever be seen again?

Without his allies, could our hero Mario hope to stand against the evil Count Beck?

The very air in the castle grew heavier and even more ominous with every step.

All they could do was plod forward in silence...

Luigi having his game ended.

The level begins with a hall full of different types of Skellobits and Cursyas. In the next room, there are some Hogarithms and a door. The door, however, just leads right back into the room. Luigi must super jump up to an area with two Sobarribads. After they are defeated, the door can be used as normal. The next room has many mirrors on the walls. Dimentio clones will appear in these mirrors to shoot at the player. There also some Longadiles. One of the mirrors is actually a hole that be entered by Fliping. In this room, there is an item and a Castle Bleck Key used to open the door at the end of the mirror room.

The next room is a staircase with Boomerang Bros. By flipping, Mario can go into the staircase, under the landing. This area has some Soopa Strikers and a door at the end. Through this door is a room with Blue Magiblots and three blocks high up in the air. The block on the right can be hit with Luigi's super jump to make a door appear. The next room is like the last, but it has Red Magiblots and the middle block must be hit. The next room has Yellow Magiblots and already has a door, however, it leads to a room full of Red Chomps. Hitting the right block will make it slide away for another door. In the last room, the three blocks must be hit in a certain order, given away by numbers seen in 3D. Hitting them all will reveal a chest with a key. The Mario Bros. can then backtrack to the staircase and continue on.

The following room has many platforms and Skellobits, as well as another looping door like the one seen before. By flipping, Mario can find arrows directing him on a certain path. Following this path will fix the door. The next room is another mirror room, but without Dimentio clones. When Mario enters the fake mirror, however, he finds several Dimentio clones in a huge crowd. While they are harmless, their numbers can shove Mario around. There chests at either end of the room, one with an item, one with a key. The key can be used to enter the final room.

Dimentio on Lineland Road

Dimentio is waiting in the next room. He challenges them to a "game of tag...with magic." He then teleports away, leaving a rift for Fleep that hides a blue switch. When the player hits that block, it takes them to Lineland Road. By following Dimentio, they can find another rift that takes them to Merlee's Mansion. They continue with the chase through The Tile Pool, Planet Blobule, Gap of Crag, World of Nothing and Underwhere Road, then back to Castle Bleck. Dimentio congratulates the heroes and says that he has been watching them and testing them, even helping them. He reveals that he teleported Princess Peach out of Castle Bleck earlier to save her from Nastasia. He also sent Mario to The Underwhere so that he could fix the dead Pure Heart and sent Mr. L in order to revert him back to Luigi. He then explains that Count Bleck promised his minions that after all worlds were destroyed, he would create a new one where they would all be happy, but Dimentio could tell he was lying. He then offers an alliance to betray Count Bleck.

Mario declines (if he accepts, Dimentio brainwashes them with Floro Sprouts, resulting in a Game Over). Dimentio decides that if they won't help, they are not useful and might as well be destroyed. He then insults Luigi. Luigi tells Mario to run ahead while he takes care of Dimentio. Mario reluctantly complies and Dimentio allows him to leave. After being defeated, Dimentio reveals that Luigi is the "man in green" of the prophecy, the only one who can determine whether the light or dark prophecy comes true. He decides that Count Bleck can never get his hands on Luigi and seemingly destroys Luigi and himself, though it is later revealed that they both survived. Mario hears the explosion, but knows he must press on alone.


Menu description[edit]

  • "The interior of Castle Bleck is a little bleak. We had to chase Dimentio through many worlds here."


  • This level presents one of the only script edits in the British version of Super Paper Mario. In the original American English script, Dimentio insults Luigi's mustache, calling it a "shag". As this is a vulgar slang term for sexual intercourse in the UK, the insult was changed to make it so that Dimentio insults Luigi by calling him a "pushover".

The American English version's script:

Dimentio: So, you spit upon my offer? You have wasted my time. For that, your game ends. I think I'll start with the green one. The shag upon his lip will make a fine trophy.

Luigi: SHAG?! This mustache is all LUIGI!

Luigi: Besides, he made fun of my 'stache, Bro! You know I'm sensitive about that.

The British English version's script:

Dimentio: So, you spit upon my offer? You have wasted my time. For that, your game ends. I think I'll start with the green one, he looks like a pushover.

Luigi: Pushover?! I'll show you who's a pushover!

Luigi: Besides, he called me a pushover, Bro! You know I'm sensitive about that.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 暗黒城 エリア3
Ankoku Jō Eria 3
Castle Bleck Area 3
French Château Niark - Intérieur
German Burg Knickwitz - Innenbereich
Italian Castel Cenere, interno Castle Bleck's Interior
Spanish Interior del Castillo Cenizo
Countdown to Destruction
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほうかいのカウントダウン
Hōkai no Kauntodaun
Countdown to the Collapse
Italian Conto alla rovescia finale Final countdown; unknown if it's meant to be a nod to the song The Final Countdown
Spanish La destrucción es inminente The Destruction is Imminent