Flipside Pit of 100 Trials

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“DANGER! Do not enter! -Flipside City Hall-”
Signpost, Super Paper Mario
The Flipside Pit of 100 Trials in Super Paper Mario

The Flipside Pit of 100 Trials is a one hundred-room labyrinth in Super Paper Mario, similar to the one seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. However, in this game, there are two pits – one in Flipside and one in Flopside, the latter of which is called the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials. The switch that opens the Flipside Pit is located above the entrance, which is sealed by blocks. After gaining Boomer, one can go to the lowest level on the outskirts of Flipside. After looking around with Tippi, the player can reveal a route to a bunch of blocks. They can then have Mario flip on the blocks and a secret passage will appear, which will lead to the ledge with the blue block to open the way to the Pit. (The location is also hinted at by Garson.) Alternatively, Luigi can simply hit the switch by doing a Super Jump.

In the Pit, a random enemy in each room holds a Pit Key to a locked door that proceeds to the next room. The player is given five minutes in every room to find and defeat the enemy holding the key and unlock and enter the locked door. If the player runs out of time, they will receive an instant Game Over. In every tenth room is a Catch Card of a Pixl, a pipe leading out of the pit, and the door to the next room of the pit. At the 100th room, though, the boss Wracktail is found and the pit cannot be escaped until he is defeated. After Wracktail is destroyed, the player obtains the Pixl Dashell. The pipe leading out of the pit will not appear until the player has Dashell.

Both pits have artwork on the walls depicting a Pure Heart and where it is found, which changes every 25 rooms. In the Flipside pit, Rooms 1-25 show the first Pure Heart paired with Flipside and Flopside, and Fracktail is shown with the orange Pure Heart in Rooms 26-50. Rooms 51-75 have Merlee's Mansion, with the corresponding Pure Heart. Rooms 76-99 show Fort Francis with the Pure Heart inside. Room 100 seems to be designed to simulate the area in which Fracktail is fought, with the music from the Yold Desert and a circular patterned floor which can be seen to act like sand when Wracktail rises from the ground.

The walls of the pit are covered with faint images of doors, which each represent the possible location of any door in the pit. This is accurate for the visual LCD style (similar to the Game & Watch series) of the pit, as many devices with this type of screen rely on faint background shapes being filled to appear as images. The rooms in the Pit switch around every time the Pit is entered. This indicates there may be more than 100 rooms in the Pit, although the player only needs to go through 100 rooms to reach Wracktail.

Rooms and Enemies[edit]

The enemies start off fairly easy, gradually getting stronger as the player progresses. The list below details the enemies in the Pit and where they appear.

Rooms 1-9[edit]

Rooms 11-19[edit]

Rooms 21-29[edit]

Rooms 31-39[edit]

Rooms 41-49[edit]

Rooms 51-59[edit]

Rooms 61-69[edit]

Rooms 71-79[edit]

Rooms 81-89[edit]

Rooms 91-99[edit]

Room 100[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 100部屋ダンジョン
Hyaku-heya Danjon
100-Room Dungeon
French Puits des 100 épreuves de Recto Flipside's Well of 100 Trials
German Grube der 100 Prüfungen Pit of 100 Trials
Italian Labirinto dei 100 livelli Labyrinth of the 100 levels
Korean 방 100개의 던전
Bang 100(Baek)gaeui Deonjeon
Dungeon of 100 Rooms
Spanish Cien Mazmorras de Villacara Flipside 100 Dungeons