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SPM Bizzy Sprite.png
Species Flip-Flop Folk
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“All worlds will soon be in ruin... To be honest, I cannot wait until that day... I'm tired of running around like crazy all the time... I just want to rest, in peace.”
Bizzy, Super Paper Mario

Bizzy is a blue-skinned man living on Flipside's B1 Floor. the heroes encounters him in Super Paper Mario. As his name alludes to, he is a very busy person. Bizzy is a magazine editor and is very scatterbrained, always losing track of his staff writer. Bizzy can usually be found near the beveragarium. Bizzy also likes fishing. Also, after Chapter 1, if the heroes talk to him, he shouts at them, claiming there is no Void in the sky. His counterpart in Flopside is named Ledger.