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Not to be confused with Kudgel.
Species Pixl
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Real good wordin', real good timin'! It really got me right there! In the heart!”
Cudge, Super Paper Mario
Cudge shouting out the player's favorite word.

Cudge is a Pixl in the game Super Paper Mario. He is the eighth Pixl found in the game. His name is a pun on "cudgel", referring to a blunt weapon such as a Hammer, which Cudge manifests in the user's hands to replace actual Hammers featured in past Paper Mario games. Cudge can be used to destroy both easily seen or camouflaged yellow blocks. He notes that he was not always a Pixl, meaning that Pixls might not be an actual species, but just transformed beings. (Indeed, Carson reveals in one of his many stories that Pixls are created through putting the spirit of an unknown entity into a man-made vessel designed for a certain purpose.) This Catch Card description may be referring to this when it says "he's a real people Pixl", or it may be referring to him having good social abilities.

The hammer that Cudge generates.

Cudge is found in Gap of Crag after the heroes insert the elemental tablets into the pillars. Before he joins the team, he asks the player what his or her favorite word is, which he will then fly up and scream out loud before joining the team. The word must be eight letters long or Cudge won't like the word. His powers are needed to destroy the block obstructing the pipe leading to the Floro Caverns.

Catch Card[edit]

Cudge's Catch Card.

Card Type: Rare
Card Description: This hard-hitting Pixl can shatter yellow blocks. But he's a real people Pixl.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハまハンマ
Play on「ハンマー」(hanmā, hammer) and possibly the Japanese name prefix「浜」(Hama)
French Taptap Onomatopoeia hinting at a hammer blow.
German Knüppl Pun on knüppel (club, cudgel).
Italian Martolomeo Pun on martello, "hammer", and the name Bartolomeo, the equivalent of the name Bartholomew.
Korean 해멈머
Pun on the word "hammer".
Spanish Marty Pun on martillo (hammer). Also is short for the Spanish surname Martínez.