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Super Paper Mario Enemy
Location(s) Merlee's Basement (2-4), Floro Caverns (5-4), Overthere Stair (7-3), The Overthere (7-4), Castle Bleck Foyer (8-2), Castle Bleck Interior (8-3), Castle Bleck Inner Sanctum (8-4), Flipside Pit of 100 Trials (Rooms 33, 44, 61, 73, 93)
Max HP 1
Attack 1
Defense 0
Score 400
Items Poison Shroom
Card Type Common
Card Location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP; Chapter 2-2: Found on the balcony above the front door of Merlee's Mansion.
Card Description
This nasty critter will slow you down. It's just so easy to get lost in those dreamy eyes.
That's... a Cursya! This spiteful, evil monster curses everything it touches... Max HP is 1 and Attack is 1. This Cursya's curse slows you down temporarily... You should throw something at it or use an item... Jumping on it would be a bad idea...
List of Catch Cards
77           78           79

A Cursya is an enemy from Super Paper Mario. Its name is a corruption of the phrase "curse you". It resembles seven tall green blobs with eyes, and two flexing protrusions on both sides that appear to be hands or claws. Switching to 3-D however, Cursyas are revealed to be made of thin, spinning disks. Touching one results in the player being cursed. The different types of Cursya each place a different curse on the heroes, though Piccolo can instantly remove any of these status-changing curses. Cursyas also come in Dark varieties in every kind except the Back Cursya. Since all Cursyas look the same except for color, the Dark varieties make it impossible to tell which Cursya is which without Tattling them.

The regular Cursya makes the player move slower. This means that the player has gotten the Slow status effect. They are first found in 2-4, moving slowly across a wide floor in Merlee's Basement. Its card can by obtained by falling off the front of the mansion's roof in 2-2. It is in a treasure chest located on the balcony. Since they cannot be harmed directly, the player must attack from a distance using Bowser's Fire Breath, Boomer, Cudge, Barry, or an item. Using Carrie to jump on a Cursya does not work.

Cursyas sometimes will drop a Poison Shroom when defeated.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノロイノロイ
Noroi Noroi
Slow Curse
Spanish Hechicia From hechizo, that means "curse"
French Fléo Modified orthograph of the word fléau (meaning "curse")
German Miseria, pronounced "Misery-a" Derivation of Misere (meaning "Misery")
Italian Maledizio From maledizione (curse)