Flipside Arcade

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The Flipside Arcade

The Flipside Arcade is, as the name implies, an arcade located in Flipside. It is found in The Underwhere bar, accessible in 3D by a golden Warp Pipe. The arcade is run, and was possibly built, by The InterChet.

In the arcade, the player can play four different minigames (one being unlockable) and set high scores. Except for the unlockable minigame, each minigame costs 10 Flipside Tokens to play. Flipside Tokens can be bought from The InterChet for three Coins each, and earned after playing minigames, which can be traded in for items that the player may not find commonly outside the Flipside Arcade.

If the player flips in The Overthere bar in Flopside, he will find two chests instead of the gold pipe, making the arcade the only place in Flipside not existing in Flopside.


Forget Me Not[edit]

Forget Me Not
Main article: Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is a simple matching minigame in which the player must match cards together with the Wii Remote pointed at the screen. There are also items within the game that may help the player win the round.

Mansion Patrol[edit]

Mansion Patrol
Main article: Mansion Patrol

Mansion Patrol takes place in what appears to be the Foyer of Luigi's Mansion. Once again, with the Wii Remote pointed at the screen, the player has to shoot down as many Boos and Dark Boos as they can without the Boos coming too close to the screen. The player will receive an item if they rescue a Toad from a Boo.

Tilt Island[edit]

Tilt Island
Main article: Tilt Island

Tilt Island is a minigame where the player has to tilt the Wii Remote to rock the platform to make the character on top of it avoid the falling enemies. The objective is to collect a certain number of items to pass the round.

Hammer Whacker[edit]

Hammer Whacker
Main article: Hammer Whacker

Hammer Whacker is a secret minigame and can only be played with the Golden Card found in The Overthere bar in Flopside. It costs 20 Flipside Tokens to play. In the game, a Koopa Striker will kick a certain number of shells each round towards the character, who must whack them with the hammer (by swinging the Wii Remote downwards) to avoid getting hit.


Below is a list of the prizes players can get in exchange for the Flipside Tokens they win.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Ludoteca de Villacara Flipside Toy Library
German Flipstadt-Spielhalle Literal translation