Spiky Tromp

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Spiky Tromp
Sprite of a Spiky Tromp in Super Paper Mario
Sprite of a Spiky Tromp
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
Variant of Spiny Tromp

Spiky Tromps are rocky enemies from Super Paper Mario. They are smaller versions of Spiny Tromps. They slowly roll back and forth, changing directions when they hit a wall, and damage Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, or Luigi on contact. They are invincible and can only be defeated if Thoreau or Barry is used to make them fall into quicksand.

A Spiky Tromp

Spiky Tromps are first seen in Yold Ruins. At one point in Yold Ruins, Mario must activate a blue switch that opens several trapdoors, from which a large amount of Spiky Tromps fall. Mario then must press a large red switch that causes the Spiky Tromps to fall into a pit, allowing him to safely walk on them and enter a door that was previously out of reach.

Spiky Tromps also appear in the minigame Tilt Island. They fall from the sky onto the island, and Mario loses a life if they hit him. If Mario collects a Flower, he is able to knock them away with a spinning attack, scoring 2000 points.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Super Paper Mario enemy
Spiky Tromp
Sprite of a Spiky Tromp in Super Paper Mario Max HP N/A Items
Attack 1 Location(s) Yold Ruins (1-4)
Defense N/A Card type Uncommon
Score N/A Card location(s) Card Shop; Flimm; Catch Card/SP
Card description This bowling boulder rolls around in search of prey. Don't get caught under the spikes, or you'll be tenderized.
  List of Catch Cards  
  113      114      115  
Tattle It's a Spiky Tromp. For some reason, it enjoys rolling left and right all day...You can't beat it... You can only avoid it... It will move until it hits a wall, then it will come right back at you...


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コロン
Play on「ころころ」(koro-koro, onomatopoeia for small things rolling) and「ゴロン」(Goron, Spiny Tromp), in reference to them being smaller than Spiny Tromp; shared with Tree Freak's fruit
French Rolopointe Masculine form of "roll" + "pointe" (pike)
German Stachelblock Spike Block
Italian Tromp Puntuto Pointed Tromp
Korean 대굴
Pun on "데굴" (degul, onomotopoeia for rolling)
Spanish Rocopunt Masculine form of "roca" (rock) + "punta" (pike)