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Super Paper Mario Enemy
SPM Big Meow Catch Card.png
Location(s) Fort Francis (3-4)
Max HP N/A
Attack 2
Defense N/A
Score N/A
Card Type Uncommon
Card Location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
Card Description
These robotic cat servants are loyal to their master. They're not designed for battle. But they aren't going to complain about it!
That's a BigMeow. It's a robot made to attend to certain sensitive rooms... They were designed for centuries of service, so they do not take any damage... But they can hit you, so do be careful...
List of Catch Cards
128           129           130

The BigMeow is a larger version of the Meowmaid found in Super Paper Mario, where they are only found in Chapter 3-4. There are only two BigMeows in Fort Francis, and both of them are found in Francis' private rooms. They are invincible, and won't actively attack Mario and his friends, but the player can still take damage by touching them. Avoiding them is difficult, as the rooms they are found in are rather small compared to their large size.

They can be used to reach the ledges with the keys to Francis's room, as jumping on their heads can provide a helpful boost up to the ledge.

Related species[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デカニャン
French Miaoudome Pun on miaou (meow) and majordome (butler)
German Miaugigant Miau (meow) + gigant (giant)
Italian Grandemiao BigMeow
Korean 거대냐옹
Geodae Nyaon
Giant Meow