Underwhere Road

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Underwhere Road
Underwhere Road
Level code 7-2
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Bowser
Music track The Underwhere
Music sample
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Underwhere Road is where the events of Chapter 7-2 take place in Super Paper Mario. The road connects The Underwhere to The Overthere. In certain rooms of the Underwhere Road, the path is obstructed by the dark; however, Tippi's ability allows the player to see where the player is at, as well as torches placed throughout the level that Bowser can light up using his fire breath. During this chapter, Mario and Luigi guide Luvbi up to The Overthere.

Chapter 7-2: The Sealed Doors Three[edit]

Storyline text

"I sought a prince, but nay! What I found were ancient men of hairy cheek."

"...'Twas a horror, yea, and one that left my breath stricken in my throat."

Luvbi kept up this refrain as she traveled with our heroes. She seemed less than happy.

Still, she DID have a lot of energy...

"Hasten thy chubby legs! Time waits not for those who slack!"

Luigi, on the other hand, was elated that he and his brother were finally reunited.

But Peach and Bowser were still nowhere to be found... Were they safe?

...So thought our heroes as they made their way slowly to Underwhere Road.

Dorguy the First
Dorguy the First; first of three Dorguys.
The Underchomp battle devised by Dorguy the Third.

Mario and Luigi enter this area while escorting Luvbi to The Overthere. Luvbi explains that they will reach The Overthere by continuing upward. After lamenting her failure to find a prince, Luvbi runs ahead and the heroes follow into the next room. They find themselves shrouded in the dark, unable to see anything beyond a small circle of light around them. This room involves using a series of platforms to move upward. Several Underhands are on the walls and there are many Dark Boos hiding. There are some Mushrooms and a Dark Boo Catch Card. There are some flipping rectangle systems that can automatically move the characters to some platforms, but they move such short distances that their use is not required.

At the top of the room, the heroes encounter Dorguy the First, a guardian who blocks the way through Underwhere Road. He asks them three questions to ensure their trustworthiness, beginning with a complicated statement that seemingly precedes a math word problem, before asking a question completely unrelated to his statement (except for his final question, which requires the player to count how many times he says the word "apple"). If the heroes answer every question correctly, they are allowed to pass. Past Dorguy the First is a room with a Save Block, a large locked door, and another door guarded by three D-Men. The D-Men say that they are keeping a monster locked up, believing it to be the one that escaped its prison. They say that they cannot allow passage, but offer a deal: if the Bros. can defeat the monster, they may pass. The Bros. accept the challenge and enter the room.

They discover that the "monster" is actually Bowser, who has no idea where he is. He brightens up after seeing the Bros., but then sees that Peach is missing. Tippi tries to explain that they don't know where she is, but Bowser thinks that Mario is trying to keep him away from Peach and flies into a rage. He is defeated, however, and calms down a bit. After accepting that no one knows where the princess is, he rejoins the party. The D-Men are impressed by the Bros. and give up the key to the next room.

The next room is dark, but Bowser's fire breath can be used to light torches that temporarily light up the room. This room is much different from the previous stair, as the platforms are simply situated diagonally from each other. Some platforms have Dry Bones on them. At the top of the room, the heroes encounter another Dorguy. Like Dorguy the First, Dorguy the Second asks questions before allowing the heroes to pass, but his style is different. He shows a moving image of several colored shapes and asks questions relating to the shapes. He asks five questions and does not tell the player when they get a question right, only telling them how many they got right after the quiz is over. The heroes pass his quiz and are allowed to continue.

The next room has another locked door and an apartment where the three hags (Hagra, Hagitha and Hagnes) reside. In order to obtain the key to the next room, the heroes talk to Hagra, who sends them back to the beginning of the level to get her Diet Book back from a D-Man. She will give them the key when they return. The heroes can also talk to Hagitha, who sends them to talk a D-Man in the area where they fought Bowser, in order to gain a hint as to how to defeat the Underchomp.

The next room appears to be outdoors. Like the others, it is dark with torches that Bowser can light. The player must first clear some tall hills, then climb a staircase with several Spiny Tromps rolling down it. At the top of the staircase is Dorguy the Third. Rather than quizzing the heroes, the third Dorguy summons the Underchomp, a creature that the heroes fight in a turn-based battle. After defeating it, they are allowed to pass into the room containing the Star Block.

Mario and Luigi return here while chasing Dimentio through the seven worlds. This is the final area they chase him through before battling him.


Menu description[edit]

  • "This road leads from The Underwhere to the surface. On the way, you met up with Bowser again. He used his breath to light torches so we could see. You also had to pass the three Dorguys."


  • It is the only chapter in the game in which the player must face two mini-bosses (Chapter 8-2 contains a second mini-boss, Francis, although the battle with him is optional).
  • The edge of the circle that appears around the characters in dark rooms looks similar to the scribbles of a pencil.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アンダーロード
Under Road

French Passage de l'En-dessous
The Underwhere Passage
German Straße in Untendrunten
Street in the Underwhere
Italian La Strada del Mondodigiù
Underwhere Road
Korean 언더로드
Eondeo Lodeu
Under Road

Spanish (NOE) Camino de Masacá[1]
Underwhere Road
The Sealed Doors Three
Language Name Meaning
Japanese とざされた3つのトビラ
Tozasareta Mittsu no Tobira
The Sealed Three Doors

French Les trois portes scellées
The Three Sealed Doors
German Drei versiegelte Türen
Three Sealed Doors
Italian Le tre porte sigillate
The Three Sealed Doors
Korean 3개의 닫힌 문
3Gaeui dadhin mun
Three Sealed Doors

Spanish (NOE) Las tres puertas selladas[2]
The Three Sealed Doors