Underwhere Road

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Underwhere Road
SPM Underwhere Road.png
World-Level 7-2
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Bowser
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Underwhere Road is where the events of Chapter 7-2 take place in Super Paper Mario. The road connects The Underwhere to The Overthere. In certain rooms of the Underwhere Road, the path is obstructed by darkness; however, Tippi's ability allows the player to see where the player is at, as well as torches placed throughout the level that Bowser can light up using his fire breath. During this chapter, Mario and Luigi guide Luvbi up to the Overthere.

Chapter 7-2: The Sealed Doors Three[edit]

Storyline text

"I sought a prince, but nay! What I found were ancient men of hairy cheek."

"...'Twas a horror, yea, and one that left my breath stricken in my throat."

Lubvi kept up this refrain as she travelled with our heroes. She seemed less than happy.

Still, she DID have a lot of energy...

"Hasten thy chubby legs! Time waits not for those who slack!"

Luigi, on the other hand, was elated that he and his brother were finally reunited.

But Peach and Bowser were still nowhere to be found... Were they safe?

...So thought our heroes as they made their way slowly to Underwhere Road.
Dorguy the First; first of three Dorguys.
The Underchomp battle devised by Dorguy the Third.

Mario and co. travel along the road until they reach three D-Men who have the key required to go to the Overthere Stair. The D-Men inform the group that they will gladly give Mario the key if they defeat a monster who recently appeared in this area (which they believe to be Bonechill). Mario and Luigi eventually fight the monster who turns out to be nothing more than a somewhat confused Bowser. He rejoins the group after the Mario Bros. defeat him and the D-Men give Mario, Luigi and Bowser the key. The team reaches another locked door after overcoming some Dorguy challenges and discover that they have to get the key from a local resident, Hagra, after they do her side quest. Mario and co. eventually reach a third Dorguy who forces them to battle the Underchomp in a RPG-esque style battle. The team defeats the monster and continues on to the Overthere Stair.

Mario and Luigi come back here while chasing Dimentio through the seven worlds. This is the final area they chase him through before battling him.



  • It is the only Chapter in the game in which the player must face two mini-bosses (Chapter 8-2 contains a second mini-boss, however the battle with Francis is optional).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アンダーロード
Spanish Camino de Masacá Morehere's Road