Yold Town

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Mario in Yold Town

Yold Town is a small village located on top of Mount Lineland, just before the Yold Desert, and is the first village that found in Super Paper Mario, aside from Flipside. Its name is a pun on "Ye old Town", which means "The old Town" in old English.

To get to and from Yold Town, Mario must confront Red and Green, two bridge guards that control their bridges over two vast gaps on the mountain. One house in Yold Town contains a Warp Pipe that leads down to a hall of Thwomps that Mario must pass in order to reach a room at the end. At the end of that room is Thoreau, the second Pixl that Mario finds.

Thousands of years before the events of the game, the Tribe of Ancients lived in Yold Town, and their descendents still live there, including the mayor of Yold Town, Old Man Watchitt. Mario must speak to Watchitt before leaving the village, and he can also meet his grandson, Bozzo, who Tippi suggests may become the mayor someday. According to Bozzo, the town was rumored to be renamed Heroesburg because of a legend that the Four Heroes would revisit it after saving the worlds, however when Mario and the others return from fulfilling this prophecy, "Yold Town" remains as the name and the rumor is not spoken of again.

Much later in the game during the final battle with Super Dimentio, Yold Town is destroyed by The Void but is restored following the destruction of the Chaos Heart.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コダーイ村
Kodāi Mura
From elongated version of「古代」(kodai, ancient) and「村」(mura, village)
French Ville d'Antan City of Yesteryear
German Steinaltstadt A town, which is old like a stone
Italian Antico Paese Ancient Village
Spanish Ciudad Antica Antica City, Antica puns of Antigua (old)