Overthere Stair

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Overthere Stair
Overthere Stair Stage.png
World-Level 7-3
Game Super Paper Mario
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The Overthere Stair is a series of clouds leading from The Underwhere upwards towards The Overthere in Super Paper Mario. There are numbers made of clouds found along the way so that a traveller wouldn't get lost.

Chapter 7-3: The Forbidden Apple[edit]

Storyline text

Our heroes had found their way out of the dark and confusion of The Underwhere.

Mario and friends now saw the sun shining brightly against a beautiful blue sky.

This was the sky paradise Grambi called home, a place of joy called The Overthere.

Somewhere above the never-ending layers of clouds waited Grambi himself.

Mario and his friends began to make their way up that fluffy road to above...
Peach sleeping beneath a fruit tree.

On the fourth set of stairs, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser find Peach asleep beneath a fruit tree. As Luvbi explains, she has eaten the forbidden golden fruit, and only another taboo fruit will wake her up. There are multiple different types of fruits found on Overthere Stair, some with some humorous results: two of them result in Peach waking up without any build up, then falling asleep again after the fruit's own curse takes effect; one turns Peach into a Peachy Peach, another causes Peach to grow a moustache, and two further apples cause Peach to grow and shrink respectively. At last, the black fruit is found, which has such a horrible taste that it instantly wakes Peach up.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカイロード
Sukai Rōdo
Sky Road
Spanish Escaleras de Masallá Overthere Stairs