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Sprite from Super Paper Mario
Species Flopside
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Would you care to hear my little song? Ooh loo loo loo lullaby! The singer, that is I, and the songwriter's my guy! We create tunes, two United, lyrics sung and music writed! But more than me or the music we made, my guy's true love is the arcade... Music goddess loves me... Love goddess loathes me... Love goddess, tell me true! Just what is this girl to do? Ooh loo loo loo lullaby! But now all alone, I sing... Close to my heart, my memories cling...”
Kerrie, Super Paper Mario

Kerrie is a purple-skinned lady living on Flopside's first floor during the events of Super Paper Mario. She used to be a well-known singer and indeed her singing is quite beautiful, but she is very unlucky and has had no success. Her sadness only contributes to her songs, which she is more than happy to sing for Mario. At one point, Kerrie sings that her boyfriend's true love is the arcade, possibly indicating that her boyfriend is Mort (or Hort). Her Flipside counterpart is Cherie.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マヨーネ
Possibly from「迷う」(mayou, to be charmed) and feminine name suffix「ね」(ne)

French Frutti
Both this and Cherie's French name Tutti are derived from "tutti frutti"
German Maike
Italian Gabriella
Common female name
Spanish Nati