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SPM Luvbi 1.png
Species Pure Heart (originally)
Nimbi (post-game)
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“I am sorry...that thou art so hairy.”
Luvbi, Super Paper Mario

Luvbi is a Nimbi in Super Paper Mario. Her name is a combination of the words "love" and "Nimbi".

Luvbi is believed to be the daughter of Queen Jaydes and Grambi, but is actually a Pure Heart-turned-Nimbi. She runs away often to escape her overprotective parents. She does not know why her parents are so protective, but it is later revealed that it is due to her true nature; Jaydes and Grambi transformed her from the Pure Heart into a living form to protect it, as "no one would suspect" a Nimbi to be a Pure Heart (though Bonechill did probably spy to find out about Luvbi's actual form). They admit that, over time, they grew to love Luvbi and felt as if she was their real daughter. Luvbi speaks in Early Modern English (as do all Nimbis), although in the Japanese version, she talks very childishly instead of formally. Although Luvbi has a tendency to put others down, namely Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Tippi, she is nevertheless good-natured and cares deeply for her parents.


Luvbi's first appearance is in The Underwhere.

When Luvbi is first encountered, she is seen on top of a pipe in The Underwhere, fantasizing about the day she will find her true love. Her moment is ruined by Mario, however, who comes along and spots her, and she demands that he leave. Later, when Mario encounters Jaydes, she receives word that Luvbi is missing, and has Mario find her. When he does, she is once again annoyed by his presence, but asks Luigi if he is the "prince for whom [she] pine[s]" and attempts to confirm this by asking him what her name is. If the player guesses correctly, then she is shocked that Mario knows her name, but is not convinced that he is her true love. She then heads back to Jaydes.

Luvbi posing.

Later, due to Bonechill having escaped his prison, Jaydes has Mario and Luigi escort Luvbi back to The Overthere for her. The entire time they are on the Underwhere Road, Luvbi acts as a guide for them; for the rest of the journey, she follows them. On the way, they encounter Bowser, having been locked behind a door by Jaydes' D-Men. After recovering Bowser and climbing most of the Overthere Stair, they find Peach, who is sleeping because of the Golden Apple she ate. It is also Luvbi who informs them of what caused her statues and the way to reverse it: a taboo fruit, though she is mad at Peach for committing such an act of ignorance.

After trying many fruits, they give Peach the taboo fruit. It is so gross it wakes Peach up instantly. She rejoins them, and she helps them reach The Overthere. In The Overthere, Luvbi is informed by Whibbi that Grambi is being attacked in his palace. Concerned, Luvbi assists Mario and the other heroes in finding Rebbi, Blubi, and Yebbi to gain their orbs and rebuild the bridge leading to the king's shrine. Once inside the shrine, they immediately encounter an injured Grambi. They then set their sights on Bonechill. Luvbi threatens that he will not claim the Pure Heart, but Bonechill replies by telling Luvbi that she is the Pure Heart. Luvbi is in disbelief at first, but before she can ask her father if what he said is fact, she is forced to move Grambi to safety as the heroes engage Bonechill.

Luvbi's Pure Heart form.

After defeating the dragon, Luvbi and Grambi re-enter the room, though Jaydes interrupts Luvbi from receiving the answer to her question. Luvbi then asks if what Bonechill informed her of is true. Jaydes confirms what was stated to be true, and both explain to Luvbi about her being a form of defense for the Pure Heart. Luvbi is at first shocked about this, but begins to remember her time as a Pure Heart as her true form struggles to emerge due to the presence of the Heroes deserving of it. Luvbi rages at her "parents" about keeping her being a Pure Heart a secret the entire time she existed, and the three engage in an argument about all the times they have lied and kept secrets until Jaydes and Grambi ultimately tell her that they did love her as a daughter. Luvbi's temper dies down when she hears this, and she gives her parents a sincere goodbye as she permanently changes into her Pure Heart form, her last wish being for Mario and the heroes to save all worlds.

Even though she changes into the Pure Heart at the end of Chapter 7, Luvbi can be seen standing next to her parents in Grambi's shrine if the player chooses to return to The Overthere after saving all worlds, apparently recreated as a true Nimbi girl independent of the white Pure Heart (which can still be seen in its Flopside Heart Pillar) when the worlds are rebuilt at the end of the main story. When spoken to, she herself states she does not know how she exists as a Nimbi again.

Catch Card[edit]

Luvbi's Catch Card.

Card Type: Uncommon
Card Description: This spunky Nimbi was raised by Grambi and Jaydes. She is actually a Pure Heart who saved the world.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラブエル
Rabu Eru
From "love" and「エルエル人」(Erueru Jin, Nimbi)
French Fibi Combination of Fille (girl) and "Nimbi"
German Liebidi Pun on Liebe (love) and either Dich (you) or "Nimbi"
Italian Farfabì Combination of Farfalla (butterfly) and "Nimbi"
Spanish Sensibí From sensibilidad, meaning sensitivity.


  • Luvbi plays a role similar to that of TEC-XX from the previous game, in that both of them perform a sacrifice to aid Mario and his friends at the end of Chapter 7, only to be inexplicably revived following the defeat of the final boss.