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“Ah, did you sleep well?”
Inga, Super Paper Mario

Inga is the owner of Inga's Inn from Flopside in Super Paper Mario. According to Tippi and Tiptron's tattle, she is cunning and always has a sly smile on her face. She also wants to run a string of hotels and become the number one hotelier. Her inn resembles a haunted mansion, only it has a spinning electric fan on the ceiling. She will let the heroes stay for ten, twenty, or forty coins a night. This reason is because she also sells breakfast, and the heroes must purchase either the Mushroom package, the Flower package, or the Star package to stay. Depending on which package the heroes purchase (each package has different prices), they will get an item that restores a certain amount of HP. In the morning, Inga says she has made their breakfast, but won't reveal where it is. Mario must use his 3-D flip to find it. Inga's Flipside counterpart is Tinga.

Here are the items earned after purchasing the packages:

It is notable that accepting the Star package is the only way to obtain a Slimy Shroom in the entire game, other than collecting 150 Shop Points.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese シュクラ
Both this and Tinga's Japanese name「ハクラ」(Hakura) are derived from「宿泊」(shukuhaku, lodging), with the feminine name ending「~ら」(-ra)

French Mélo
Both this and Tinga's French name "Méli" are derived from méli-mélo ("mishmash")
German Inga
Italian Elga
Uncommon name
Spanish Inga


  • According to unused Catch Card data, she is a widow, and also "runs a weird fan club".[1]


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