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Mario on Lineland Road.

Lineland is the setting of Chapter 1 in Super Paper Mario. Its skies are full of strange, surreal mathematical formulas, such as (translated into literary form) "Fire Flower is greater than or equal to some kind of Block divided by Warp Pipe."

Lineland's Chapter 1-1 pays a homage to the original Super Mario Bros. with its level design, which resembled the classic World 1-1 through its positioning of items, ? Blocks, and enemies like Goombas. The music is also remixed from the Super Mario Bros. overworld theme and the Super Mario World overworld theme. In this chapter, Mario learns the Flip technique from the wizard Bestovius.

In Chapter 1-2, Mario traverses a huge mountain and ends up at Yold Town. There, he meets the Pixl Thoreau. In Chapter 1-3, Mario journeys through a hostile desert and battles Count Bleck's thug, O'Chunks, for the first time.

In the final level, Mario moves through mysterious ruins, discovering many secrets left by the Ancients. After surfacing, Mario meets Fracktail, a robotic guardian that protects the Pure Heart. Dimentio strikes Fracktail's antenna, resulting in a malfunction that causes Fracktail to attack Mario. He serves as Lineland's Chapter Boss. After destroying Fracktail, Mario meets Merlumina, the ghost of an Ancient, who tells Mario a bit of the Light Prophecy before surrendering the second Pure Heart.


  • Lineland Road (Chapter 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds): A grassy plain populated with many different species, though oddly enough most are not native to the dimension. It is also home to Bestovius, the wizard that teaches Mario how to flip.
  • Mount Lineland (Chapter 1-2: Afoot in the Foothills): A mountain that houses Yold Town, as well as Thoreau the Pixl.
  • Yold Desert (Chapter 1-3: The Sands of Yold): Contains the first encounter with O'Chunks and the entrance to Yold Ruins.
  • Yold Ruins (Chapter 1-4: Monster of the Ruins): A hidden dungeon the protects the second Pure Heart. Fracktail is fought here as the Chapter Boss.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラインラインランド
Rain Rain Rando
Line Line Land
Spanish La Tierra Lineal Linear Land
French (NOE) Pays fildefer Wireframe Land
German Linearia -
Italian Linealandia Lineland
Korean 라인랜드