Hammer Whacker

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Hammer Whacker
Hammer Whacker

Hammer Whacker is an Arcade minigame in Super Paper Mario. Hammer Whacker is the only unlockable minigame in the game, as Mario or the three other heroes will need the Golden Card to unlock this game. Unlike the other minigames, this minigame costs 20 Tokens.

The player will have to hold the Wii Remote vertically, and the player will need swing the remote down to swing the hammer to whack the shells that are kicked by a Koopa Striker. The player needs to whack all the shells to score points. If the player gets hit, they will lose a life. If the player loses all three lives, the game is over. The player will have to clear 100 Levels to win the game.


Scoring is based on how close the player lets the shell get before whacking it.

  • Nice: 7000 points
  • Good: 8000 points
  • Great: 10,000 points
  • Wonderful: 12,000 points
  • Excellent: 15,000 points

The player will need to hit all of the shells in the round to score points.

High Scores[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャストンハンマー
Jasuton Hanmā
Perfect-timed Hammer
Italian Martellomatico Hammer-matic
Spanish Martillo Chichonero Bumpy Hammer