Dark Ruff Puff

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Super Paper Mario enemy
Dark Ruff Puff
Sprite of a Dark Ruff Puff from Super Paper Mario.
Location(s) Flopside Pit of 100 Trials (Rooms 25, 27, and 31)
Max HP 30
Attack 6
Defense 0
Score 1000
Items Long-Last Shake
Card type Common
Card location(s) Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
Card description
This Dark Ruff Puff floats in a certain secret pit. Dark thunder... Wow... That is so METAL!
It’s a Dark Ruff Puff. They live in the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials... Max HP is 30. Attack is 6. It throws dark lightning at anything in its way... That dark lightning could fry nearly anything...
List of Catch Cards
117           118           119
Not to be confused with Dark Puff.

Dark Ruff Puffs are pitch black, shady Ruff Puffs that can only be found in rooms 25, 27, and 31 of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials in Super Paper Mario. Like most "dark" enemies, they are stronger than their relatives in terms of HP and Attack. They attack by spitting black orbs of electricity ("Dark thunder" according to their Catch Card) that are usually relatively easy to avoid, all the more so since they need a couple of seconds to prepare. It is recommended that the player uses Dottie to attack it unseen, Barry's ability or Peach's umbrella when fighting them, so as to counter their attacks.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カゲクモーン
From「影」(kage, shadow) and「クモクモーン」(Kumokumōn, Ruff Puff)
French Humph Pfff Sombre Dark Ruff Puff
German Dunkel-Schniffi From "dunkel" (dark) and a derivative of "schniefen" (to sniffle)
Italian Nuvolino ombra Shadow Ruff Puff
Korean 그림자운운
Geulimja Un-un
Shadow Ruff Puff
Spanish Ruff Puff Oscuro Dark Ruff Puff