Dark Puff

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The Thousand-Year Door enemy
Dark Puff
A Dark Puff from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Location(s) Boggly Woods, Glitz Pit, Pit of 100 Trials (Levels 12-14, 17-19)
Max HP 3
Attack 2
Defense 0
Moves Slam (2), Shocking Charge (Electric), Thunder Attack (2 to Mario and Partner, Piercing), Fly to Hover (Moves closer to ground, does not count as turn), Hover to Fly (moves higher in the air, does not count as turn)
Items Dizzy Dial, Dried Shroom (drop only), Fright Mask (drop only), Mushroom, Thunder Bolt
Coins 1 - 2
Log A thunderhead that attacks with lightning. Don't touch it when it's charged up, or you'll be in for a shock.
Misc. stats
Level 10
Exp. points 0
Sleep? 95%
Dizzy? 105%
Confuse? 90%
Tiny? 95%
Burn? 100%
Freeze? 100%
Stop? 95%
Soft? 95%
Fright? 90%
Gale Force? 105%
KO? 95%

That's a Dark Puff. It's basically a tiny, mean thunderhead. Max HP is 3, Attack is 2, and Defense is 0. Sometimes it'll charge itself with electricity. Don't touch it when it does! Yowch! You know what I mean, right? Brzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! Shocking! After it charges itself, it'll totally zap you with lightning. Beat it as fast as you can.

Not to be confused with Dark Ruff Puff.

The Dark Puff is a cloud enemy related to the Ruff Puff in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is shaded gray like most enemies in Boggly Woods, and are often seen alongside Clefts and Pale Piranhas. In the Glitz Pit, a Dark Puff appears as one of the members of Mind-Bogglers.

Though they are statistically rather weak, they have the ability to use a Lightning Charge attack, but it requires charging. A charged-up Dark Puff will hurt Mario if he jumps on it; if Mario is electrified himself, he can jump on said Dark Puff without taking damage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クロクモーン
Pun on「黒雲」(kurokumo, dark cloud) and「クモクモーン」(Kumokumōn, Ruff Puff)
French ZzZt Pfff From "zzzt" (an onomatopoeia for something swooping down) and "pfff" (the sound of a sigh or a breath)
German Stratox Pun on "stratosphäre" (stratosphere) and "toxisch" (toxic)
Italian Nubescura Portmanteau of "nube" (cloud) and "scura" (dark)
Spanish Puff Oscuro Dark Puff


  • The Dark Puff is one of the two "dark" subspecies in the game that, despite their name, are actually the weakest variety of its species, the other being the Dark Wizzerd.