Bandy Andy

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Bandy Andy
Big Bandit.png
Species Big Bandit
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
“Heh heh heh heh heh! We're awful quick, awful agile...and just plain awful!”
Bandy Andy, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Bandy Andy is a Big Bandit who appears during Chapter 3 in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is one of the various contracted fighters enlisted in the Glitz Pit, an arena that is located in the floating town of Glitzville. There he is a member of a fighting team composed of Bandits and Big Bandits, called the Hand-It-Overs.

Mario encounters Bandy Andy during his search for the Gold Star. Bandy Andy is one of Mario's fellow fighters and roommates in the minor-league, a group of the lowest ranked combatants of the combatant roster. Although Bandy Andy belongs to the minor-league locker room, he is rarely in it and can usually be encountered at the backstage area of the Glitz Pit. It is said that he often goes on rambles to research gossip tales known as the seven wonders of the Glitz Pit. When Mario meets him at the backstage area, Bandy Andy will tell him about these seven wonders. At some point during Mario's fight with the Pokey Triplets, Bandy Andy attempted to enter a room that, according to Jolene, was off-limits and was also implied to be stalking her. While doing research, he accidentally runs into Grubba, the Glitz Pit manager, while he uses a power-absorbing machine to rejuvinate his body. Grubba then uses the machine's power to drain Bandy Andy as well and locks him up in a storage room chamber, along with King K., who has also been drained. When Mario eventually finds Bandy Andy in the storage room, he is barely conscious at that time and tries to warn Mario of Grubba's scheme. While Bandy Andy is gone, his team is replaced by the Destructors.

After Mario defeats Macho Grubba, Bandy Andy is able to regain his former strength. He can then be seen during the chapter epilogue, along with King K. After this, he returns to his usual business: doing research on the Glitz Pit. Bandy Andy and the Hand-It-Overs can also be fought again during Mario's second Glitz Pit run.

Tattle info[edit]

  • That's Bandy Andy. He's a competitor in this league, but he's never here. Maybe he just doesn't care about being champion...
  • That's Bandy Andy. He's always wandering around "investigating" stuff. Who knows if it'll help us, but I'm sure he's got plenty of info to share.
  • Bandy Andy looks terrible! Who could have done this?!?

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プロッツ
Spanish El Temerario The Bold
French Ze Fuhin Modified orthograph standing for "The Fouine", which means "the weasel".
German Samum
Italian Furfogon Variation on "Furfo", Bandits' Italian name