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The list of implied entertainment is a list of games, television shows, and books that have not physically appeared in any form of media up to this point in time. Regardless of their lack of appearance, the implied entertainment have been mentioned at least once throughout the Mario franchise, many of which are from Super Paper Mario.

The Book of Spares[edit]

The Book of Spares is a book mentioned by the Toad at Outlook Point in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. He quotes bowling advice from chapter 12, section 8: "Deep within the Bafflewood, hidden from prying eyes, sleeps a sacred orb of deep, lustrous black. But the path to its secret nook is blocked by a magical barrier known as a fence--a device so ingenious, it can only be broken by the throes of a child." This serves as a hint to the location of the Bowling Ball Thing and the Wiggler Segment in the area.


Cowpocalypse is a running anime in the Mario universe that Francis may talk about.

At Fort Francis, in the dialogue between Princess Peach and Francis, when he gives Peach a "Pink Princess" signed poster as a token of his affection, Peach has the dialogue option "I appreciate the thought..." When that option is selected, Peach will say, "I don't have time for that! The universe is being destroyed!" Francis will answer "Destroyed...? Oh I get it! You're so funny! You're talking about that farm anime, 'Cowpocalypse'! I'm hooked on it too! Different farming factions vying for control of a sword that can destroy the world? They use real swordsmen to advise the action scenes, so they're super realistic! Don't you love it when studios pay attention to important stuff like that?... When the DVD comes out, I'll buy it for you!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ザ☆チョンマゲドン
Za Chonmagedon
The Chonmagedon;Chonmagedon is likely a pun on chonmage (Topknot) and "Armageddon".
Italian Attacco su Pallobolo Attack on Planet Blobule; it's a pun on Attack on Titans

Cyborg Wart[edit]

Cyborg Wart is a comic book mentioned in Super Paper Mario. Francis owns some issues of this comic book, though his collection of them seemingly is not complete as he longs for more. The main character of the comic is Wart, the final boss of Super Mario Bros. 2, who has not directly appeared in a Mario game in years. Not much is known about this comic book, as it is only given two mentions; however, it is revealed that at least forty-seven issues have been released so far, and it is currently ongoing in publication.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あいして☆メチャリン1
Aishite Mecharin 1
Italian Cyber Wart -

Diamond City Symphony[edit]

The Diamond City Symphony was mentioned in the description of the souvenir Taxi Sonata, where it was stated that they recorded the song.


digibutter.nerr is a website full of other nerds like Francis, who visits the site often. It is apparently a forum filled with geeks and nerds of all sorts who seem to love butterflies. Francis declares that he shall take "hi-technicaaaal" pictures of Tippi, whom he calls Francine, and post them all over the forum. After he creates Tiptron, Francis mentions how Tiptron earned him the "Elite Nerr" status on digibutter.nerr's forums.

Its name comes from digital butterflies, which many of the forum members seem to enjoy. Its .nerr top-level domain seems to be derived from Francis's quirk of constantly saying "nerr," an impediment he may share with other members of Digibutter.nerr.


  • When selling Tiptron to Mario and friends, Francis incorrectly capitalizes the "d" in "digibutter.nerr."
  • Shortly after release of the game, a real forum was unofficially created, where mostly discussion of Super Paper Mario is made. They also hold an online, Super Paper Mario related, superbowl tournament known as the Sammerbowl.

Duel of 100: The Home Edition[edit]

Duel of 100: The Home Edition is a video game from Super Paper Mario popular in Sammer's Kingdom. The game is only mentioned once, during Tippi and Tiptron's tattle information about Phanto Grin, the 63rd Sammer Guy, who likes to play as himself a lot.

In the Japanese version, no such game was implied, but the tattle instead says that he beat King Sammer when they were playing a game with a special skill called 『64れんしゃ』 Rokujūyon Rensha, which translates to "64-time rapid shooting", likely a parody on rapid button mashing in certain games.

Feared Fungi Fighter[edit]

Feared Fungi Fighter is a book mentioned by a Toad in the library of Peach's Castle in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. According to the Toad, it states that the heroes can jump on enemies to damage them at the start of the battle, with the exception of spiked enemies (which would cause the hero to lose HP).

Fungicide: The Epic Battle for the Mushroom Kingdom[edit]

Fungicide: The Epic Battle for the Mushroom Kingdom is a book mentioned by a Toad in Peach's Castle near the end of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The book was written by Kylie Koopa and recounted the Shroob invasion. Mario, Luigi and their baby selves were apparently curious about how the book ended (most likely wondering if they had beaten the Shroobs), but the Toad scolded them for trying to find out without reading it themselves. The Toad then confessed that the last page had been torn out, so he couldn't tell how the book ended anyway.

Golden Oldies Station[edit]

The Golden Oldies Station is a radio station that can be heard in Koopa Village. This station plays the Super Mario World ending theme.

Happy Gardeners Monthly[edit]

Happy Gardeners Monthly is a magazine mentioned by a Toad in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. When Mario brings a seed and some fertilizer, he gets very excited, saying his buddies over at the HQ of this magazine will be thrilled and that he himself might even be in the next issue.

Harder Than Bedrawk: The Rawk Hawk Story[edit]

Harder Than Bedrawk: The Rawk Hawk Story is apparently a DVD starring the wrestler Rawk Hawk. Francis wanted a copy of it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メイドリアン・トリロジー
Meidorian Torirojī
Meidorian Trilogy
Italian Più duro dei duri: la storia di Falkoman Tougher than the toughs: Rawk Hawk story; it's maybe a pun on Scrooge McDuck's motto ("I made me fortune by being smarter than the smarties and tougher than the toughies.")

Hot Hits Station[edit]

The Hot Hits Station is a radio station that can be heard in Koopa Village. An instrumental version of the Melody sung by Pop Diva can be heard on this station. It can be tuned to only after Pop Diva's side quest is completed. Its name implies this station plays hit songs.

How Much is That Doggie in the Window?[edit]

"How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" is a 1950s novelty song mentioned by Frogfucius in the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Nintendo Player's Guide.[1] The song is an example of the type of music Frogfucius listened to as a tadpole. "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?" is also, in Frogfucius' opinion, an example of "real music," as opposed to the "nonsense" created by contemporary bands.

Ice Rose[edit]

Ice Rose is a book of poems written by the late King Croacus III, the third ruler of the Floro Sapien kingdom. The book was written in his 37th year of life.

Information Station[edit]

The Information Station is a radio station that can be heard in Koopa Village. This station will often announce some contests where Mario needs to take certain items to the Trading Event Toad.

Kingdom's Most Wanted[edit]

Kingdom's Most Wanted is a television program mentioned by Bowser in the Nintendo Comics System issue "Bedtime for Drain-Head". Bowser tells a captured Toad that he hoped to see his father on the television program Kingdom's Most Wanted, a parody of America's Most Wanted, a show dedicated in helping catch criminals.

Kirby Story[edit]

Kirby Story

Kirby Story is a movie advertised in the Yoshi Theater in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Koopa Kleats[edit]

The Koopa Kleats is a magazine mentioned in Super Paper Mario, in the Soopa Striker Catch Card.

Koopa Kronicle[edit]

The Koopa Kronicle is a type of newspaper in the Mushroom Kingdom; it is only mentioned by Kylie Koopa during the course of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Kylie Koopa says that she works as the Koopa Kronicle's photographer and reporter.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Gazzetta del Koopa Koopa Daily

Koopa Quest[edit]

Koopa Quest is a new show in the Mushroom World mentioned in the credits of Mario Party Advance. In Mushbert's epilogue, it said that he now watches Koopa Quest instead of Toad Force V.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Missione Koopa Koopa Quest

Kung Fu Lakitu[edit]

Kung Fu Lakitu is a wuxia-themed film released in the Mushroom Kingdom in 2015. It is referenced in the Mario Kart 8 remake of Ribbon Road by a poster for the film on the wall. As the title suggests, it centers around a Lakitu student of kung fu martial arts. Kung Fu Lakitu is a parody of the 2008 animated film Kung Fu Panda, as the poster features a Lakitu in a similar pose to Po, the protagonist of Kung Fu Panda, on the poster of said film. The poster also alludes to the track Dragon Driftway, which also featured pictures of kung fu-practicing Lakitus.

Larry Koopa: Zombie Heartbreaker[edit]

Larry Koopa: Zombie Heartbreaker is a fictional game mentioned in Super Paper Mario. It is supposed to be some sort of horror/survivor and dating sim at the same time. In Fort Francis (Chapter 3-4), it is on Francis's list of games and merchandise to buy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プニオ・ハザード
Punio Hazādo
Punio Hazard; Likely derived from the Resident Evil game series, which is called as Biohazard in the Japanese versions.
Italian Larry Koopa: il rubacuori zombie Larry Koopa: the zombie heartbreaker

Legend of Stafy[edit]

The Legend of Stafy movie poster from the Yoshi Theater in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Legend of Stafy is a fictional movie advertised in Yoshi Theater in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. This was the first time Starfy was seen outside Japan.

M & L[edit]

M&L movie poster

M & L is a fictional movie advertised in Yoshi Theater in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. At the end of the game, it is shown that the game itself was all a movie being shown in the Yoshi Theater, suggesting M & L is that movie.

Maniac Monkeys on the Moon[edit]

Maniac Monkeys on the Moon is a fictional science fiction movie that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong tell Cranky about in the Donkey Kong Country episode "To the Moon Baboon." In it, some monkeys go to the moon to look for life and discover a time capsule full of blueprints. They then realize that they are blueprints for themselves as they are actually robots, causing them to go insane and become the titular "maniac monkeys on the moon." No further details of the plot are revealed, as Cranky becomes so annoyed he shuts them up.

Mechanics Weekly[edit]

Mechanics Weekly is a magazine or newspaper published every week mentioned when tattle is used on Torque. An article says that the tool on Torque's back can do basically anything.

Mighty Mushroom Masters[edit]

Mighty Mushroom Masters is a book mentioned by a Toad in the library of Peach's Castle in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. According to the Toad, the book quotes: "Hitting monsters with hammers to enter battle may dizzify and paralyze them." (Baby Mario can use the hammer to whack an enemy to possibly make it dizzy).

Mister Koopa's Neighborhood[edit]

Mister Koopa's Neighborhood is a show that King Koopa uses to advertise the Koopasonic Rock TV in Rock TV. It seems to be a parody of Mister Roger's Neighborhood, a PBS show that was airing during the time that Super Mario World was airing. Yoshi becomes excited when Koopa brings it up. However, it is never shown airing.

The Nintendo News[edit]

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The Nintendo News newspaper, seen in Wario Land 4

In the Game Boy Advance game Wario Land 4, the opening cut-scene shows a newspaper with an article on legendary treasure being discovered in an Ancient Pyramid. The newspaper's name is The Nintendo News, as seen across the top of the screenshot. However, players are unable to see the title during normal gameplay, since the title is usually covered up by the window that appears during cut-scenes. The full image can be seen via a game-rip.


Nishimaki was mentioned in the description of the souvenir Dribble & Spitz in WarioWare: Twisted!, where it was stated that Dribble & Spitz was the highly anticipated debut song from Nishimaki.

On Golden Toad 2[edit]

On Golden Toad 2 is a film that is in production, seen in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Zip Toad is the star of the movie. It is likely a parody of the film On Golden Pond.

Pi'illo Monthly[edit]

Pi'illo Monthly is a publication mentioned and written by Pi'illoper in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. When Mario and Luigi reach the nightmare chunk containing Bedsmith in Dreamy Wakeport, Pi'illoper explains how to obtain the chunk before leaving "to brainstorm [his] next Pi'illo Monthly article".

Pi'illo Power[edit]

Pi'illo Power is a magazine mentioned by Pi'illoper in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is his favorite magazine. When Mario and Luigi present to him the Zee Parts, Pi'illoper mentions that he specifically saw the Pajamaja Rock Frame in Pi'illo Power issue 43, page 29.

Pink Princess[edit]

Pink Princess is an anime mentioned by Francis in the game Super Paper Mario when he attempts to win Princess Peach over using Swoon.exe. He attempts to give her a Pink Princess Signed Poster from his inventory; according to him its origin was from a Pink Princess anime event. It is signed by the voice actress for the princess and the director, and it has a layer over it to keep it from fading.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese すいーと♡ぷりりん
Suīto Puririn
Italian La Principessa Rosa The Pink Princess

Revenge of Madzilla's Mom[edit]

Revenge of Madzilla's Mom is a monster movie that was assuredly filmed in Hollywood at some point. The movie was only briefly mentioned in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Dadzilla", while Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool find the head of Madzilla's Mom in the props garage, Luigi recognizes it from the aforementioned movie.

Sammer Guy Monthly[edit]

Sammer Guy Monthly is a magazine mentioned in Super Paper Mario. In Sensei Ruff Puff's Tattle, it is said that he was once a cover model for Sammer Guy Monthly.

Sing Along With Uncle Swampy Show[edit]

The Sing Along With Uncle Swampy Show is a TV show in the Donkey Kong Country TV series. Krusha has been stated to be a fan of the show.

Starship X-Naut[edit]

Starship X-Naut is a huge franchise of what would appear to revolve around a television program mentioned in Super Paper Mario. It is brought up many times in Fort Francis, although it is never mentioned outside of that area.

As stated above, the main aspect of Starship X-Naut is thought to be its television show, which is mentioned early in Fort Francis by a Meowmaid who stated that a baseball game in extra innings had delayed that day's episode of the show (and that she had changed the times set in the RecordoMeows to reflect the delay), which is one of Francis's many obsessions. In the same room, another Meowmaid mentions Starship X-Naut: Space Bloops, a seemingly Blooper-oriented video game spin-off of the show known to be a space-combat simulator. Both of the SecuriMeows' quizzes (which are given to Mario and friends to gain access into Francis' private rooms) also mention Starship X-Naut, one of which revealing that it includes a comic series (whose comics Francis believes should never be taken out of their plastic sleeves) and the other mentioning Starship X-Naut "Series 3 collectible action figures", which Francis himself does not own to the greatest extent (although completing his collection of the figures is one of his many goals). Finally, Francis' unnamed, cat-like door's compatibility quiz to Princess Peach suggests that Francis is attracted to (or at least can relate to) people who have lost friends due to arguments based on the propulsion system of a spaceship featured on Starship X-Naut. Two optional references to Starship X-Naut can additionally be triggered by telling Mimi (disguised as Merlee during a Castle Bleck encounter) that Mario fears Francis (which would then result in Francis appearing and stating that, before his strange warp to the dark castle, he was watching Starship X-Naut in his Reclinatron 4500) and buying Tiptron from Francis after beating the game (at which Francis would state that he was willing to sell Tiptron for he was saving up for a rare comic book known only as Starship X-Naut Issue One, which cost at least 999 Coins).

In the Japanese version however, there doesn't seem to be any implied TV shows that was mentioned multiple times in Fort Francis.

Super Ultra Goomba Bros.[edit]

Super Ultra Goomba Bros. is an old TV show that Mimi likes to watch reruns of. This TV series is mentioned during the game Super Paper Mario. It is a reference to the Super Mario Bros. game and a possible reference to the Goomba Bros. fighting team in the Glitz Pit in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

The Blubbening[edit]

The Blubbening is a TV show that Francis watches, in Super Paper Mario, and it is Francis' favorite show. The main character is Tubba Blubba, and this show ran for at least three seasons. It also involves a princess and robots. There is also a box set of this show, and the pre-order bonus of the box set is a costume. Francis believes the first season has better writing and voice acting than the later seasons of the show, and everything after the dream sequence is horrible. In the Japanese version, he instead mentions Pink Princess with similar comments.

The Flictionarian[edit]

The Flictionarian is a book written by the late Queen Croacus II, the second ruler of the Flora Kingdom. The book is a compilation of the Floro Sapien prehistory.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Florimarillion A reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion

The Grodus Chronicles[edit]

Francis mentioning The Grodus Chronicles

The Grodus Chronicles is a TV show starring Grodus. It is aired in The Bitlands. The Grodus Chronicles is based on a novel of the same name by a writer from Flopside.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Le cronache di Giustignardo Gordus Chronicles

The Mushroom Moon[edit]

The Mushroom Moon is a musical advertised in Mario Kart Wii on the Moonview Highway course. It involves Princess Peach, Mario, and Yoshi. Petey Piranha is also seen climbing a building behind Princess Peach. It can be seen in theatres from March 21st until May 27th.

The Toad Warrior[edit]

The Toad Warrior is a film mentioned in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in Zip Toad's e-mail. Zip Toad has a line in the film: Hey, you are cool, but I am even cooler.

This movie seems to be a nod to the Real Life film Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, known simply as The Road Warrior in the United States. Predating Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was another Mario-related reference to The Road Warrior a similarly-named episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! is entitled "Toad Warriors".

This Old Castle[edit]

This Old Castle is a TV show mentioned in the Super Mario World television series episode, "Born to Ride". Mario briefly mentions that he had learned a technique from the show using his "pliers", which was actually a bird. The show is seemingly a spoof on the home improvement TV show, This Old House.

Toad Force V[edit]

Main article: Toad Force V

Toadstools of Terror[edit]

Toadstools of Terror is a book mentioned by a Toad in the library of Peach's Castle in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. According to the Toad, it states that if an enemy hits a hero from behind to start a battle, that hero will not be able to attack or dodge (until it is his turn), making him vulnerable to any enemies having a higher speed than him.

Tubebottom's Tome of Quotations[edit]

Tubebottom's Tome of Quotations is a book mentioned in Super Paper Mario. When the player goes to Yold Town after defeating the final boss and talks to Chaz, he will say that he wants to get his quotes into Tubebottom's Tome of Quotations.

The Weekly Wario[edit]

The Weekly Wario is a magazine created by Wario in the instruction manual for WarioWare: Smooth Moves because he wanted to share information about the "stick" he had found in a rickety old shack. Its first issue is a special edition, and it is unknown if another issue was ever released.


WarioPoster MnL.png

Wario is a fictional film advertised for (with a movie poster) at the Yoshi Theater in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.

Wario: The Brains Behind the Boogers[edit]

Wario: The Brains Behind the Boogers (alternatively titled Wario: The Brain Behind the Boogers) is an unreleased autobiography by Wario mentioned in the instruction manual for WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! In the manual, Wario begins writing a diary with the intent of including it in his autobiography, but his employees end up writing entries in it about themselves instead.

Worms of Outer Space[edit]

Worms of Outer Space is a comic book series mentioned in the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode, Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas. The Royal Parrot claims to own a collection of issues, implying that he is a big fan of the series.

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Portuguese Os Vermes do Espaço The Space Maggots


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