Toad Force V

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Not to be confused with Rescue Squad.
The DVD in Mario Party Advance
“You've...never heard of Toad Force V? It's this amazing robot superhero show! This mushroom robot fights for peace! Britney, the heroine, is more popular... than the show's hero, Jack! Man, I love TFV!”
Mushbert, Mario Party Advance

Toad Force V, also known as TFV, is a popular television series that is referenced several times in Mario Party Advance. The series is about a robotic Toad named Jack and his partner, the heroine, Britney. Together, they fight against evil villains such as the Spore King and Toxic Toad Z. Bowser, Lantern Ghost, Lakitu, Mushbert, Ninji, and Paratroopa are all shown to be fans, and several of the quests in Mario Party Advance feature the show in some way.

During Bowser's Toys, Bowser and Koopa Kid quiz the player on various facts about the show, which the player learns as they complete other quests. During Nerd Force V, Lantern Ghost tells the player to demonstrate how much they enjoy the show by buying a Toad Force V Figure from the item shop, Junk (the item shop's owner, Paratroopa, also mentions that the TFV figures are almost always sold out); afterwards, he allows them to join the TFV Fan Club. DVD for Me and What's That Line? both feature characters asking the player to bother Mushbert the TFV fanatic about the show: during DVD For Me, Ninji asks the player to obtain a limited-release DVD from Mushbert, who has actually obtained all fifty copies of the DVD, and during What's That Line?, Lakitu asks the player to ask Mushbert about an iconic line said by Jack during episode 28 (it is "I'm an iron 'shroom!"). Mushbert is also willing to describe the show to the player, should they ask about it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコンV
Kinokon V
Pun on「キノピオ」(Kinopio, Toad) and possibly a reference to Daicon III and Daicon IV OVAs (while there was never a Daicon V, the name iconically appears in a later production by the same animators, FLCL). The "V" may also be a reference to Voltes V, an anime that also has robots.

Italian Toad Forza V
Toad Force V (only twice)
Toad Force V
Spanish Fuerza Toad V
Toad Force V