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Mario Party Advance quest
Hammerama in Mario Party Advance
Hammerama in Mario Party Advance
The hammer-throwing competition
Type Sports
Location Mushroom Field, Desert area
Client Hammer Bro
Reward Mini B-Ball
Description "Hammer Bro challenges the player to a short hammer-throwing competition."
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Hammerama is a quest in Mario Party Advance initiated by Hammer Bro at the Mushroom Field, where he is practicing his hammer throws. Hammer Bro asks the player they want with the "Hammer Camp": asking further about the camp starts the quest, though not saying anything simply causes Hammer Bro to resume his training. Once the quest starts, he explains that people train at Mushroom Field to improve their hammer skills, which prompts the player to ask if they can join in. Hammer Bro then shows the player how to throw hammers (accomplished by mashing A Button and B Button really fast) and sets up a small competition between him and the player, to see who can throw their hammer the farthest. If Hammer Bro's hammer lands farther away, he compliments the player's skills while also urging them to try again, causing the player to leave the field and end the quest; if the player's hammer goes farther, Hammer Bro gives the player a Gaddget, Mini B-Ball, as a trophy, and quickly goes back to his training, which completes the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハンマーチャンピオン[1]
Hanmā Chanpion
Hammer Champion

French Martomania
Italian Martellomania


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