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Mario and Princess Peach playing Compat-I-Com
Compat-I-Con Icon.png

Compat-I-Com is a Gaddget in Mario Party Advance. It is available from the beginning and has no requirements to unlock. The Gaddget can be used to play a two player minigame. Compat-I-Com is played on the same Game Boy Advance. Both players must press the two buttons on the left and right side. Once both players have pressed the buttons, a random percentage out of a 100 will be calculated. The percentage displayed is used to represent the compatibility between both players. A high score represents a good compatibility and a low score represents a bad compatibility.


  • L Button and +Control Pad - Complete input
  • R Button and A Button - Complete input


  • "Press the buttons with a friend to measure your compatibility levels!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Compati-Test
French Harmonitest
German Herz-O-Mat
Italian Amicometro Friendmeter