Chillin' Villain

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Mario Party Advance quest
Chillin' Villain
Chillin' Villain in Mario Party Advance
Chillin' Villain in Mario Party Advance
Type Misc
Location Mt. Frostbite, Snow area
Client Bowser
Required quests 10
Reward Breeze Buddy
Description "Bowser tells the player jokes to warm himself up, then challenges them with the Crushed Ice minigame."
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Chillin' Villain is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is initiated at Mt. Frostbite. It starts after Mr. E runs away from the mountain in a panic and Bowser asks the player if they want to fight him. The player can either complain about the cold, causing them to leave and Bowser and Koopa Kid to dream about warming themselves up, or they can agree with him, which displays the quest's title card. Bowser then explains that he wants the player to warm him up with jokes in exchange for a Gaddget. He asks the player three jokes, setting it up each time, and the player must respond with an appropriate punchline. The set-ups and potential punchlines are as follows:

  1. What does a fashionable snake wear?
    1. Trousers?
    2. A boa tie!
    3. Um...a hat?
  2. What do you say when you trip someone?
    1. Sorry!
    2. Are you hurt?
    3. See you next fall!
  3. How do you know if it will rain today?
    1. No clue...
    2. Look up?
    3. Wait 'til tomorrow.

Once every joke is delivered properly, Bowser and Koopa Kid are completely warmed up, prompting Bowser to challenge the player to a Bowser minigame, Crushed Ice, in exchange for the Gaddget. Beating the minigame rewards the player with the Breeze Buddy Gaddget, ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さむいさむいクッパ[1]
Samui Samui Kuppa
Cold Cold Bowser
French Glagla-Bowser "Glagla" is an onomatopoeia used to convey cold weather
Italian Furfante al freddo Villain in the cold


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