Swimmin' Wimp

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The title card for Swimmin' Wimp

Swimmin' Wimp is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts at the Mushroom Pool. It is given by Coach, who introduces himself as Cheep Cheep's swimming instructor and asks the player to listen to his problems. The player can dismiss him and leave without hearing him out, and Coach glumly gives up as well; however, the quest only begins if the player agrees to listen. Once the quest starts, Coach explains that Cheep Cheep lacks confidence in his swimming abilities, and needs the player to improve his morale, promising a reward if they are successful. Coach wants the player to race Cheep Cheep and intentionally lose, but not by such a large margin that Cheep Cheep realizes. The player and Cheep Cheep then set themselves up in different swimming lanes and begin to swim from one end of the pool to the other (which the player accomplishes by mashing A Button). Cheep Cheep immediately stops swimming if he reaches either end of the screen: if the player is too fast and leaves him behind (which also happens if the player swims fairly but still wins at the very end), Cheep Cheep believes that he can never catch up and immediately stops swimming, and if the player is too slow and lets him swim too far ahead, Cheep Cheep accuses the player of letting him win and immediately stops swimming. Regardless of what happens, Coach berates the player and forces them to restart the quest from the beginning. Once Cheep Cheep wins by a good margin, he celebrates his victory with Coach and fully commits himself to his training. Coach thanks the player for their help and rewards them with the Desktop Golf Gaddget. Once he pushes the player to continue training themselves, the quest ends.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le trac du nageur The swimmer's stage fright
Italian Acqua alla gola Water in the throat