Bestest Buds

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The title card for Bestest Buds
Bowser's demand

Bestest Buds is a quest in Mario Party Advance given by Bowser at the Bowser Pad. It is unlocked after twenty quests have been finished, and can be accessed from the Pipe House's pink pipe. When the player enters the Bowser Pad, Bowser introduces himself as "the regent of romance" and asks the player if they want to challenge him. Declining the challenge leaves him and Koopa Kid confused, while accepting starts the quest and leads to Bowser saying that the quest can only be completed if the player brings him "the perfect gift". He goes on to explain that if he receives a gift that he appreciates from the item shop, Junk, the player is rewarded with a Gaddget. The player can choose from a Ring, a Bracelet, and a Necklace, and Bowser hints to which one he wants: he says that he likes bracelets as much as necklaces, and also that he prefers rings to bracelets. The correct choice in this case is the Ring; regardless, when buying one of the items from Paratroopa, he always says that Bowser is going to appreciate the gift. If Bowser receives the incorrect gift, he becomes insulted and forces the player to restart the quest from the beginning. If he receives the Ring, he marvels at its shininess before challenging the player to a minigame, Peek-n-Sneak. Losing the minigame (and not using a Mushroom to retry it) causes Bowser to mock the player and force them to restart the quest from the start, while winning causes Bowser to admit defeat and reward the player with the Shroom Bloom Gaddget.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Franche camaraderie Open friendship
Italian I gusti di Bowser Bowser's tastes