Treasure of Mystery!

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Mario Party Advance quest
Treasure of Mystery!
Treasure of Mystery! in Mario Party Advance
Treasure of Mystery! in Mario Party Advance
Mr. E's request
Type Adventure
Location Klepto Ruins
Client Klepto
Reward Map Maker
Description "Mr. E is searching for Klepto's treasure, and asks the player to help him."
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Treasure of Mystery! is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is initiated by Klepto. It starts when the player visits Klepto at the Klepto Ruins and they are then accosted by Mr. E, who tells the player that the area contains treasure. They can brush him off by saying that they're busy, causing him to become surprised at the player's lack of interest in treasure, although the quest only starts if the player agrees to search for the treasure with him. Once the quest begins, Mr. E asks the nearby Klepto if he knows about any nearby treasure, which leads Klepto to reveal that he is the guardian of a large treasure chest. However, the chest has a four-digit code that the player must guess, and Klepto only gives them the hint that the code is "his favorite word." Throughout the conversation with him, he constantly stutters, indicating that his favorite word is "for" and therefore the code is 4444 ("for" and "four" being homophones). If the player inputs an incorrect code, Klepto bluntly mentions that he was stuttering the word "for", putting extra emphasis on the word for good measure, and says that "for means four." Afterwards, he kicks them out and forces them to restart the quest from the beginning. Once the player inputs the correct code, the treasure dramatically opens to reveal a shiny batch of gems. Klepto then offers the treasure to Mr. E, who refuses it on account of it no longer being a mystery and immediately runs off. Meanwhile, Klepto rewards the player with the Map Maker Gaddget and bids them farewell, concluding the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナゾのざいほう[1]
Nazo no zaihō
The treasure of mystery
French La chasse au trésor The treasure hunt
Italian Tesoro misterioso! Mysterious treasure!


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