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The Mushroom Condo is one of the places in Mario Party Advance. It is located in the Town Area of Shroom City. This is one of three areas that have more than one quest to do. One for the 2nd floor, 3rd floor, Rooftop, and the secret basement.

The 1st floor is where the player meets Mushbert, a fanatic for the cartoon show, Toad Force V. The player will have to come to him for help in some quests.

When the player decides to go to the 2nd floor, they'll meet Toady and his Kamek Krew. They are into a music band, but their quest, Kamek Krew Live!, involves the player getting a place to perform. The player must head all the way to Mushroom Stadium in the Desert Area, where the player will meet Bullet Bill. Once informed about the Kamek Krew, Bullet Bill will give the player a live venue for free. Once returning back with the venue, Toady will reward the player with the Gaddget, Bull's-eye.

The 3rd floor is where the lovesick Flutter is pining away. In her quest Hearts A-Flutter, Flutter asks the player to go to the person she's in love with, and tell him her feelings about him. Although she does not know his name, Flutter will describe him, saying that he has big, blue eyes. The player then has to go to the Horror Area and visit Mr. I to tell him the details. He will decline Flutter's love, saying that he is interested in someone else. After the player goes back and tells her the news, she will sadly accept the truth, then gives the player with the Gaddget, Love Me Not.

The Rooftop is where the player can find Mr. E, who is talking to Fly Guy about UFO sightings. In the quest Hey, UFO!, Fly Guy confirms the theory, and will even summon one for him, with the help of the player. This commences into a small game where the player must follow the correct signals as Fly Guy in order to get the UFO to come down. Succeeding will satisfy Mr. E, and Fly Guy will thank the player with the Gaddget, Morse Maker.

Finally, there is a secret basement which is shown as a blank on the screen when players wish to enter the Condo. Entering here with put the player face-to-face with King Bob-omb. His quest Big Boss Bob-omb puts the player into a dice duel with King Bob-omb. Getting a higher number than the king three times will defeat him, and he'll reward the player with the Gaddget, Stress Press.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Immeuble Champi Shroom Appartment
Italian Palazzo Fungo Mushroom Building