Mushroom Condo

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Mushroom Condo
MushroomCondo MPA.png
Mushroom Condo icon
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
Greater location Town area, Shroom City
Inhabitants Flutter, Fly Guy, Toady, Mushbert, King Bob-omb

The Mushroom Condo is a location in Mario Party Advance. It is located in the town area of Shroom City. It is a housing complex for multiple people, and the player visits one of them on the rooftop, the third floor, the second floor, the first floor, and the basement.

The rooftop holds a small railing around it and a view of part of the town area. Fly Guy lurks at the top, and Mr. E visits him to ask about sightings of UFOs. If the player joins in, the Hey, UFO! quest begins, in which they and Fly Guy summon a UFO to the rooftop.

The third floor is where the lovesick Flutter lives, in a pink room that holds some yellow flowers, red curtains, and a single red chair. Her romantic pining leads to her Hearts A-Flutter quest in which she asks the player to relay her feelings to the person that she loves. The player then visits her again to tell her that her feelings were not reciprocated.

The second floor houses Toady and the band that he leads, the Kamek Krew. Their room features various instruments, including an acoustic guitar, a keyboard, and a microphone, as well as speakers with star-shaped drivers. Toady explains to the player that they need help finding a venue for their music, beginning the Kamek Krew Live! quest. The player returns to the room once they find a suitable location.

The first floor is the home of Mushbert, a dedicated fan of Toad Force V. His room is decorated with memorabilia of the show, including posters and Toad Force V Figures, and it also holds a television and a laptop. Though Mushbert does not give any quests himself, he must be visited during other quests due to his substantial knowledge.

Finally, the condo also has a secret basement. Its entry from the floor selection screen is blank, unlike the other floors. Its existence is brought up during other quests, including Flowers Are a Blast! and Find the Password. Entering here puts the player face-to-face with Big Bob-omb, the leader of the Bob-omb gang. He and his group reside in a dimly-lit area that resembles a warehouse, with cracked walls and crates strewn about. Big Bob-omb sits on a small couch at the center. He spontaneously decides to challenge the player to a dice game, beginning Big Boss Bob-omb quest.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノコマンション[1]
Kinoko Manshon
Mushroom Mansion
French Immeuble Champi Shroom Apartment
Italian Palazzo Fungo Mushroom Building


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