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Map Maker in Mario Party Advance
Map Maker

Map Maker is a Gaddget in Mario Party Advance. It can be obtained by completing the quest Treasure of Mystery!. As the name implies, Map Maker can be used to create a treasure map. The player must create a digital treasure map and hide the treasure in a real location for another person to find. The map is created on a tattered, old paper background with a grid. Common symbols include a treasure chest, a star, a crescent, a square, a house, a plus sign, and lines. However, it is limited up to thirty symbols maximum.


  • +Control Pad – Move cursor/choose map piece
  • A Button – Select/place map piece
  • B Button – Undo last change
  • L Button + A Button or R Button + A Button – Cycle through pieces/delete map pieces


  • "Create your own treasure map! Hide the treasure and let your friends find it!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たからのちずセット[1]
Takara no Chizu Setto
Treasure Map Set
French Kit Carte Map Kit
Italian Crea-mappe Map-maker


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