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Star Space
Star from Mario Party 10
Purpose The Star (or its bearer) rests here. Whoever passes it has the opportunity to trade a number of coins for a Star. It usually moves around the board after someone purchases a Star.
First appearance Mario Party (1998)
Latest appearance Mario Party Superstars (2021)
“To get a Star, reach its Star Space with 20 coins. The next Star will then pop up somewhere else!”
MC Ballyhoo, Mario Party 8

Star Spaces (known as Star Spots in Mario Party DS and referred to generically as Stars in Mario Party 10) are special spaces that appear in the Mario Party series. If a character passes by one, the guide (or, in some cases, the Star's bearer) asks them if they will trade a certain number of coins for a certain number of Stars (typically one). How many coins they have to trade depends on the board. Traditionally, the character has to trade 20 coins for a Star, but on certain boards, the Star may cost as little as five coins or as much as 40.

After the character gets the Star, the Star Space moves to a different location on the map. On certain boards, such as Faire Square from Mario Party 6 and DK's Stone Statue from Mario Party DS, the Star Space's location remains stationary. When the Star Space moves to a different location, there is a small chance that the new Star Space appears directly where a character is standing. However, this character is unable to buy the Star and must loop around the board in order to do so.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スタースペース
Sutā supēsu
Star Space

Chinese 星星格
Xīngxīng gé
Star Space

French Case étoile
Star Space
German Stern-Feld
Star Space
Italian Spazio Stella/Spazio con la Stella
Borsa stellare (Mario Party Superstars)
Star Space
Star bag/Star stock exchange
Spanish Espacio Estelar
Casilla Estelar
Star Space


  • In Mario Party 3, all potential Star Spaces have a patch of light next to them.
  • In Mario Party DS, the Star Spot itself is never explicitly mentioned during gameplay, except on DK's Stone Statue, where it is called the Star Splurge Space.