List of Mario Party 2 minigames

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Mario Party 2 has a total of 65 minigames. There are 21 4-Player minigames, 12 2-vs-2 minigames, 11 1-vs-3 minigames, eight Battle minigames, six Item minigames, six Duel minigames, and one Special minigame. A total of 21 minigames from the original Mario Party (marked in silver below) returns with additional or different features, or with a new design, to become more challenging than the original. The Coin-collecting minigames (Deep Sea Salvage, Quicksand Cache, and Magnet Carta, marked in gold below) do not show up until the last 15 turns.

4-Player minigames[edit]

1-vs-3 minigames[edit]

2-vs-2 minigames[edit]

Battle minigames[edit]

Item minigames[edit]

Duel minigames[edit]

Special minigame[edit]


1 - Unlocked by purchasing minigames