List of Mario Party 2 minigames

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Mario Party 2 has a total of 65 minigames. There are 21 4-Player minigames, 11 1-vs-3 minigames, 12 2-vs-2 minigames, eight Battle minigames, six Item minigames, six Duel minigames, and one Special minigame. 21 minigames from the original Mario Party (marked in silver below) return with additional or different features or with a new design. The Coin-collecting minigames (Deep Sea Salvage, Quicksand Cache, and Magnet Carta, marked in gold below) do not show up until the last 15 turns.

4-Player minigames[edit]

1-vs-3 minigames[edit]

2-vs-2 minigames[edit]

Battle minigames[edit]

Item minigames[edit]

Duel minigames[edit]

Special minigame[edit]


1 - Unlocked by purchasing minigames