List of Mario Party 9 minigames

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Mario Party 9 has a total of 81 minigames.

Free-for-All minigames[edit]

There is a total of 44 Free-for-All minigames. These games can be played with two, three, or four players.

1-vs.-Rivals minigames[edit]

There is a total of ten 1-vs.-Rivals minigames. They can be played with either four players, becoming 1-vs.-3 minigames, or three players, becoming 1-vs.-2 minigames.

Bowser Jr. minigames[edit]

There is a total of ten Bowser Jr. minigames. All of them involve two players only.

Boss minigames[edit]

There is a total of 14 boss minigames. Two to four players can participate. The amount of health that each boss will have depends on how many players there are; if four players participate, the boss will have more health than if only two players participate. The background for the minigame instructions screen for these minigames is also colored red instead of blue.

Note: Diddy's Banana Blast and DK's Banana Bonus are not actually boss minigames, since they do not appear in Boss Rush. They are categorized under boss minigames in Free Play, however.

Extra minigames[edit]

These minigames can be played only in Extra Mode. The number of players that can participate can vary for each minigame.


1 - Also a Reverse Minigame