List of Mario Party DS minigames

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There are 73 minigames in Mario Party DS, 32 of which have a Duel variant. Most minigames follow the game's story, with giant-sized settings. Minigame names colored gold consist of collecting Coins, minigame names colored silver are not in the Korean version, and the minigame names colored red use the DS microphone.

Note: All duel minigames are 1-vs-1 versions of 4-Player and 2-vs-2 minigames.

4-player minigames[edit]

1-vs-3 minigames[edit]

2-vs-2 minigames[edit]

Duel minigames[edit]

Battle minigames[edit]

Boss minigames[edit]

Puzzle minigames[edit]


1 - This minigame can be played when a player lands on a Duel Space.