Tidal Fools

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Tidal Fools
4-player mode for Tidal Fools in Mario Party DS
4-player mini-game
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type 4-player coin mini-game
Duel coin mini-game
Time limit 30 seconds
Music track Play Nicely, Everyone
Music sample

Tidal Fools is a 4-player and a duel minigame in Mario Party DS. In addition, the minigame is a Bonus minigame where the players attempt to gather Coins. The name is a pun on "tidal pool".


Duel mini-game

The minigame takes place in a beach with some seashells on the sand. The four players are standing near the watery waves. Then suddenly, the waves come in towards the players as they avoid it by running back. The waves withdraw back into the oceans as the players go back to their positions. Shortly after that, the minigame begins.


To gather Coins, the players must first wait for the waves from the ocean to come by. When the waves come by, the players have to avoid the waves. Any player who is caught in the arriving waves is stunned for a few seconds as the player is dragged into the ocean. When the waves finally go back into the ocean, some Coins are left for the players to collect. Occasionally, a Red Coin (worth five regular Coins) would be there on the sand after the waves. The process repeats a few times until the time limit runs out.


Any player who got at least one coin will do their victory animations. If a player did not get any coins, they will do their losing animation instead.


  • +Control Pad – Move

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Grab as many coins as you can, but don't get hit by the waves. Red coins are worth five times as much as the normal ones."
  • Tips"You'll be stunned for a while if you're hit by a wave. Time your runs carefully to avoid the waves."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese なぎさでコインキャッチ
Nagisa de Koin Kyatchi
Coin Catch on the Shore
French Les Sous du Ressac The Backwash Coins
German Strandgut-Schnapper Jetsam Graber
Italian Una Marea di Gettoni A Tide of Money
Korean 해안에서 코인 캐치
Haean eseo Koin Kaechi
Coin Catch on the Shore
Spanish Locos de la marea Crazy over the Tide