Triangle Twisters

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Triangle Twisters
Triangle Twisters in Frenzy Mode
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type Puzzle mini-game
Time limit 60 seconds per level in Frenzy Mode
90 seconds per level in Focus Mode
Initial record 1000 points in both Frenzy and Focus Modes
Music track Think It Out
Music sample

Triangle Twisters is a puzzle minigame in Mario Party DS. The minigame is unlocked by clearing the Story Mode.


Triangle Twisters in Focus Mode

Triangle Twisters features two modes: Frenzy Mode and Focus Mode.

Frenzy Mode[edit]

In Frenzy Mode, the entire field is covered with triangles, and the player has sixty seconds to clear as many triangles they can by connecting four or more. They start on level one, and by clearing thirty triangles they progress to the next level. The player earns ten points for every individual triangle they clear, and by clearing a level, the player earns one hundred points for every second remaining, and the time limit increases up to thirty seconds. The game is over when the player runs out of time. Additionally, clearing triangles in the pattern of a bigger triangle or a hexagon results in 200 and 500 bonus points, respectively.

Focus Mode[edit]

In Focus Mode, the player must position the triangles in the pattern shown on the top screen in order to clear them. In total, there are fifty puzzles to clear. The player can also press X Button or tap the "Reset" button on the touch screen at any time in order to restart a puzzle. Clearing four triangles but not in the pattern shown causes the player to lose ten seconds. By clearing a level, the player earns the same bonus as in Frenzy Mode, for a maximum possible score of 450000.

In-game text[edit]

Frenzy Mode[edit]

  • Rules"Twist triangle clusters with your stylus to connect four or more triangles of the same color, which will clear them from the field."
  • Tips"You can make not only chains but also triangles and hexagons, so watch for every opportunity to connect tiny triangles of the same color."

Focus Mode[edit]

  • Rules"Twist triangle clusters to create the patterns that are shown on the top screen as you play."
  • Tips"You can press X Button to restart a problem. Take your time, because if you connect four or more triangles incorrectly, you'll lose time and have to start over!"


Frenzy Mode[edit]

  • Stylus – Choose/Spin/Scroll
  • +Control Pad – Choose
  • A Button B Button – Spin
  • L Button R Button – Scroll

Focus Mode[edit]

  • Stylus – Choose/Spin
  • +Control Pad – Choose
  • A Button B Button – Spin

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さんかくパズル
Sankaku Pazuru
Triangle Puzzle
French Déluge Delta Delta Deluge
German Dreieck-Knobelei Triangle Brain Teaser
Italian Triangoli Rotanti Rotating Triangles
Spanish Triángulos encadenados Bound triangles

Frenzy Mode[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese けして☆さんかく
Keshite ☆ Sankaku
Delete the Triangles
French Survie Survival
German Farb-Wirrwarr Colour Chaos
Italian Lotta Contro il Tempo Time Trial
Spanish Modo frenético Frenetic mode

Focus Mode[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つくって☆さんかく
Tsukutte ☆ Sankaku
Construct the Triangles
French Casse-Tête Brain Teaser
German Formvollendung Shape Completion
Italian Trova la Soluzione Find the Solution
Spanish Modo de concentración Concentration mode