Shuffleboard Showdown

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Shuffleboard Showdown
Shuffleboard Showdown from Mario Party DS
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type 1-vs.-3 minigame
Time limit 30 seconds
Music track Another Crazy Match
Music sample

Shuffleboard Showdown is a 1-vs.-3 minigame in Mario Party DS. It takes place on a shuffleboard with chips that the soloist uses as projectiles. Along with Chips and Dips, this minigame was removed in the Korean release, likely because of its gambling theme.


The team players are huddled together in a triangle formation. The soloist throws one of their chips in their direction but misses, surprising the other players.


The solo player throws chips at the other three players by using the Touch Screen, which displays their character's emblem on three chip slots marked on the table, while the team players have to dodge the chips. These chips vary in color depending on the soloist's player: Player 1 shoots blue chips, Player 2 shoots red chips, Player 3 shoots green chips, and Player 4 shoots yellow-orange chips. A chip can also bounce off the walls and other chips. If one of the teammates touches a chip, that player is eliminated. At approximately ten seconds before the minigame ends, chips begin to fall and drop on the board. These chips do not slide anywhere unless one of the thrown chips collides into them. If all three team players are eliminated, the solo player wins; if there is at least one of the team players standing after 30 seconds, the team wins.


If the solo player wins, they will appear on a stack of chips on the Touch Screen and celebrate their victory. If the team players win, they will appear on a different stack of chips on the top screen and celebrate their victory.


Solo (1 player)[edit]

  • Stylus – Throw a chip

Group (3 players)[edit]

  • +Control Pad – Move
  • A Button – Jump

In-game text[edit]

Solo (1 player)[edit]

  • Rules"Trip up your opponents by throwing chips at them. Chips will rebound from walls or other chips, so take advantage of that for surprise attacks."
  • Tips"Bank your shot off walls and other chips to catch your opponents off guard."

Group (3 players)[edit]

  • Rules"Avoid getting hit by chips. Watch them carefully, because they'll rebound from walls and other chips. If even one of you survives, you'll all win."
  • Tips"In the last few moments, watch for chips that fall from above. They'll cast shadows on the table, so steer clear of those spots."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チップでホッケー
Chippu de Hokkē
Chip Hockey
French Casino Fatal Fatal Casino (reference to the James Bond movie, Casino Royale)
German Scheibchen-Schikane Chip Chicanery
Italian Lancio delle Fisches Chips' Launch
Spanish Ataque de fichas Chip attack