Penny Pinchers

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Penny Pinchers
Gameplay of Penny Pinchers in Mario Party DS.
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type 1-vs-3 mini-game
Time limit 20 seconds
Music track Into the Fairy Tale
Music sample

Penny Pinchers is a 1-vs.-3 minigame in Mario Party DS. The name comes from the idiom "penny pincher", which describes someone who spends their money carefully.


The single player must collect coins that come from a treasure chest and avoid beads. If a coin falls down into the bottom screen, the other three players must touch the coin with the Stylus to collect it. At the end of the minigame, the player wins all the coins they or they and their team have collected.


Solo (1 player)[edit]

  • +Control Pad – Move
  • A Button – Jump

Group (3 players)[edit]

  • Stylus – Tap to extend your grabber

In-game text[edit]

Solo (1 player)[edit]

  • Rules"Grab the coins that spill from the chest, but don't get hit by beads. Red coins are worth five times as much as the normal ones."
  • Tips"You'll be stunned for a while if you're hit by a bead, so be careful when you're running for coins."

Group (3 players)[edit]

  • Rules"Use your grabber to get the coins that slip past (opponent) on the top screen. Red coins are worth five times as much as the normal ones."
  • Tips"Divide up the lower-screen area with your teammates so you don't let any coins slip by you."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どたばたコインキャッチ
Dotabata Koin Kyatchi
Slapstick Coin Catch
French Aggripe-sous Pun with "Aggripe" (Catch) and "Grippe-Sous" (moneygrabber)
German Schatz-Stibitzen Treasure Pilfer
Italian Gettoni a Go-Go Money Galore
Korean 바쁘다 바빠 코인 캐치
Bappeuda Bappa Koin Kaechi
Busy, Busy Coin Catch
Spanish Mangantes de calderilla Small Change Pinchers