Cheep Chump

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Cheep Chump
Cheep Chump from Mario Party DS
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type Battle minigame
Time limit 30 seconds
Music track The Pressure's On
Music sample

Cheep Chump is a battle minigame that is found during the events in Mario Party DS. Its name is a pun on "Cheep Cheep".


The competitors are floating in the center of the pool. A Cheep Cheep emerges from the deep water and creates a whirlpool, and sinks again.


The objective is to swim and avoid the whirlpools that the three Cheep Cheeps are creating. The size of a whirlpool created by a Cheep Cheep depends on the size of the Cheep Cheep creating it. If a player is sucked into a whirlpool, they are eaten, spat out and eliminated. The person that survives the longest is the winner.

Additionally, the upper screen displays the location of each participant and Cheep Cheep.

If all the players were sucked into a whirlpool, the game will end in a tie.


  • +Control Pad – Change direction
  • A Button – Paddle

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Survive the longest by staying out of the whirlpool. Tap the button repeatedly to paddle away from the water vortex!"
  • Tips"Don't give up if you get sucked into the whirlpool. Just press A Button repeatedly to attempt an escape."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プクプクサバイバル
Pukupuku Sabaibaru
Cheep Cheep Survival
French Piège en Haute Mare Open Water Trap (Also a play on Piège en haute mer, the French name of the movie Under Siege)
German Cheep-Cheep-Strudel Cheep Cheep Whirlpool
Italian In Bocca al... Pesce Portmanteau of in bocca al lupo (a good luck expression) and pesce (fish)
Korean 뽀꾸뽀꾸 서바이벌
Ppokku-ppokku Seobaibeol
Cheep Cheep Survival
Spanish Cheep… ¡Ñam! Cheep… Yum!