Hammer Chime

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Hammer Chime
Gameplay of Hammer Chime in Mario Party DS
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type Boss minigame
Music track Boss Battle
Music sample

Hammer Chime is a boss minigame against Hammer Bro in Mario Party DS. Its name is a pun on "Hammer time."


The minigame's objective is to follow the pattern. The player has five lives, while Hammer Bro has three. Hammer Bro hits four colored drums in a random order with his hammers, then releases a musical note to attack the player. Using the stylus, the player has to play the same drums in order before the musical note hits them. If the player does not hit the same combination in time, they lose a life. If the player manages to play the combination in time, a charged musical note is released and sent to Hammer Bro, hurting him and causing him to lose a life. After Hammer Bro loses all three lives, he is defeated, and the player clears Toadette's Music Room and gains the second Sky Crystal.


Hammer Bro vibrates slightly from the shock of the last strike and collapses to the ground.


When replaying the boss minigame in Free Play, the player can win a reward based on how many times they have beaten this boss.

  • First win: Toadette's Chair
  • Second win: Toadette's Piano
  • Third win: Toadette's Timpani
  • Fourth win: Hammer Bro's Hammer
  • Fifth win: Beaten Hammer Bro


  • Stylus – Beat your drums

In-game text[edit]

  • Rules"Memorize the tune that Hammer Bro plays, then repeat it before his music notes strike you."
  • Tips"Even if you hit the wrong drum, you can try again if the music note hasn't reached you yet. Take your time, despite the danger!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たいけつハンマーブロス
Taiketsu Hanmā Burosu
Hammer Bro Showdown

French Mélodie Marteau
Hammer Melody/Crazy Melody
German Im Takt der Hämmer
The beat of the hammers
Italian Tamburi Battenti
Struck Drums
Korean 대결 해머브러스
Daegyeol Haemeobeureoseu
Showdown Hammer Bro

Spanish El loco de los timbales
Kettledrum Crazy