Feed and Seed

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Feed and Seed
Gameplay of Feed and Seed in Mario Party DS
Appears in Mario Party DS
Type Boss minigame
Music track Boss Battle
Music sample

Feed and Seed is a boss minigame against a Piranha Plant in Mario Party DS.


The player, on a balloon, lowers down to the Piranha Plant.


The player and Piranha Plant have a Health Meter. The player has five Health Points, while the Piranha Plant has three. The Piranha Plant sucks in bomb seeds, and even the player if they get too close. When it spits the bomb seeds out, the player must catch one and then throw it back into the Piranha Plant's mouth when it tries to suck in more bomb seeds. With each successful throw, it sucks in one more bomb seed than in the previous phase, and it pulls the player in harder than before. After taking three hits, the Piranha Plant is defeated, and the player clears Wiggler's Garden and obtains the first Sky Crystal.


The Piranha Plant's vine limps down, causing its large head to fall flat on the ground. The player's balloon is released, causing them to land atop the Piranha Plant, where the player celebrates. If the player loses, the Piranha Plant laughs.


  • +Control Pad – Change direction
  • A Button – Press rapidly to rise
  • B Button – Catch/Throw bomb seeds

In-game text

  • Rules"Catch the bomb seeds that the Piranha Plant spits out, then drop them back in the boss's open mouth!"
  • Tips"The Piranha Plant's suction will slowly grow stronger. Tap A Button repeatedly to struggle upward and avoid being swallowed."

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たいけつパックンフラワー
Taiketsu Pakkun Furawā
Piranha Plant Showdown
French Désherbant Gagnant Weeding Winner
German Die Wurzeln allen Übels The roots of all evil
Italian Semi Molto Piccanti Very Spicy Seeds
Korean 대결 뻐끔플라워
Daegyeol Ppeokkeumpeullaweo
Showdown Piranha Plant
Spanish Semillas picantes Spicy Seeds