Wiggler's Garden

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Wiggler's Garden
Mario Party DS Board: Wiggler's Garden
Appears in Mario Party DS
Availability Default

Wiggler's Garden is a board in Mario Party DS. As the name suggests, it is a garden themed course that features Wiggler's home. The garden features an abundance of different flowers. Some of these flowers can affect the player's progress in many ways.


Landing on one of the ? Spaces in front of the three flowers on the left side of the board will allow the player to choose which of the flowers is their favorite. They will then receive one, 10 or 30 coins from the chosen flower at random. The two ? Spaces on the right side of the board will send the player back to the start. The two ? Spaces in front of the yellow flowers allow the player to rub the flower with the Stylus for five seconds. The faster the player rubs, the more coins they earn. The green flytraps will chew on players who land on their respective ? Space, causing them (and any other player standing on the space) to lose five coins. There is also a Piranha Plant at the top of the course that spits fire at players who land near it, making them lose ten coins. On random occasions, the Piranha Plant's attack will fail to connect and the player will not lose coins.

Story Mode[edit]

In Story Mode, it is the first board. The tiny heroes decide to go to Bowser's Castle, when Wiggler stops them. A Piranha Plant had been making a mess in his garden, and he asks the heroes to stop them. If the player has the most Stars and Coins after ten rounds, they will face the Piranha Plant in the minigame Feed and Seed. If won, the player clears the board, and Wiggler gives them a Sky Crystal as a token of thanks.


The star on this board can be located at a set location, randomized. To get the star, the player must get to it and pay twenty coins (five if the Final 5 Frenzy shows Stars for 5 coins). When a player obtains a star, the star space appears in a different location.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space
Blue Spaces
Red Space
Red Spaces
? Space
Green Spaces
Friend SpaceDuel Space
Friend Spaces/Duel Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 47


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナチャンのガーデン
Hanachan no Gāden
Wiggler’s Garden
French Jardin de Wiggler Wiggler's Garden
German Wigglers Gartenlaube Wiggler’s Garden House
Italian Il Giardino di Torcibruco Wiggler's Garden
Korean 꽃충이의 정원
Kkotchungi ui Jeongwon
Wiggler's Garden
Spanish El jardín de Floruga Wiggler's Garden