DK's Stone Statue

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DK's Stone Statue
DK's Stone Statue
Appears in Mario Party DS
Availability Default

DK's Stone Statue is a board hosted by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in Mario Party DS.


The board resembles DK's Treetop Temple from Mario Party 8. The Star is always located on the third floor of the stage in the second to last space (because the last one is a Bowser Space). The player can buy multiple Stars at once, similar to Faire Square from Mario Party 6. Unlike Faire Square, where players could only buy 5 Stars at a time, players can buy up to 99 Stars at a time on this board (this is only possible if the Final 5 Frenzy changes the price of Stars to 5 coins).

The two ? Spaces on each of the two logs will cause a barrel to come crashing down onto the log, and any player in its path loses 10 coins. ? Spaces near to ropes will cause the player to climb up or down the rope to the ? Space at the other side. ? Spaces next to the beehive will allow the player to collect coins from the bees with the stylus as they fly across the touch screen. There are also Red Coins mixed in, which are worth five regular coins. ? Spaces near Dry Bones' casket will cause him to blow the player back to the start of the board or to the space before the Star. Landing on the ? Space at the right edge of the second row will allow the player to choose between three vines. They will receive a Double Dice Set, Triple Dice Set or Halfway Dice Block at random.

Story Mode[edit]

In story mode, the player finds Diddy Kong very troubled. Diddy tells them that Dry Bones turned Donkey Kong into a statue, and the player with the most Stars and Coins must play against Dry Bones in the Hexoskeleton minigame to revert DK back to his normal state. Winning will net the player the third Sky Crystal and access to Kamek's Library.


On this board, the player gets the stars from the Star Splurge Space. Passing by this space allows them to buy as many stars as possible, provided they have enough coins. Stars cost 20 coins each on this board, with the price lowered to five if the spinner in the Final 5 Frenzy lands on "Stars for 5 coins".


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space
Blue Spaces
Red Space
Red Spaces
? Space
Green Spaces
Friend SpaceDuel Space
Friend Spaces/Duel Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 43


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンキーコングのせきぞう
Donkī Kongu no Sekizō
Donkey Kong’s Stone Statue
French Statue de Pierre de DK DK's Stone Satue
German DKs Steinstatue DK's Stone Statue
Italian La Statua di Pietra di DK DK's Stone Statue
Korean 동키콩의 석상
Dongki Kong ui Seoksang
Donkey Kong's Stone Statue
Spanish La estatua de DK DK's Statue