Whimsical Waters

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Whimsical Waters
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Appeared in Mario Party 10

Whimsical Waters is one of the five boards in Mario Party 10. It is set in an underwater lagoon. Dragoneels appear on the board and have their own minigame where players need to choose a chest. The mid-boss fort is a giant Cheep Chomp, while the castle at the end leads to a fight with Blooper. This is the only board where both the Bosses are both in mega form. Most of the board's gimmicks have to do with Dragoneel and Underwater events.

The board is mostly the same in Bowser Party mode, albeit with the usual gameplay changes. However, in both the Dragoneel minigames and the ink-obscured path branches, Bowser gets to see the contents of each chest/the spaces on each path before using the GamePad to try and misdirect his opponents with stamps and drawings.


Whimsical Waters begins with a couple of turns on an underwater path. The first Dragoneel Treasure area is on that path. Afterwards, there are two separate paths, which is determined by a wheel with a Cheep Cheep statue on it. The one on the left is a path with another Dragoneel Treasure, and the one on the right leads to a path with Unlucky Spaces and Mini Ztars. After that comes a path with two Dragoneel Treasures and the Mid-Boss area.

After the mid-boss, the submarine goes down into another path with more Dragoneel Treasure. Then two more paths with the Cheep Cheep wheel, with the one upwards has Lucky Spaces, and the one below it has Unlucky Spaces. Then the two paths combine and follow up with another Dragoneel Treasure, then follows to a ring with a Toad House and Dragoneel Spaces, which lead to a gate which must be rolled a certain number or higher and once gotten past, the player who rolled that number or higher will receive five Mini Stars. After that comes the Homestretch, two more Dragoneel Treasures and then the end of the board.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドキドキオーシャン
Doki Doki Ōshan
Heart-Pounding Ocean
Spanish (NOA) Arrecife cristalino Crystalline Reef
Spanish (NOE) Arrecife extravagante Extravagant Reef
French (NOA) Eaux troubles Trouble Waters
French (NOE) Abysses bizarres Bizarre Abyss
Dutch Woelige Wateren Turbulent Waters
German Bizarro-Riff Bizarre Reef
Italian Folli fondali Insane Seafloors
Portuguese Águas Agitadas Choppy Waters
Russian Глубоководье
Deep Waters


  • Every character's voice clips are slightly altered due to them being underwater. This is also the case with the Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle boss fight.