Snowflake Lake

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Snowflake Lake
Appears in Mario Party 6
Availability Default
Description "Have an urge to ride a hungry Chain-Chomp? Steal Stars in this frigid region!"
Music sample

“Welcome to Snowflake Lake! Snowflake Lake doesn’t have a Star Space. Each player starts with 5 Stars, instead! You’ll have to sick Chain-Chomps on your rivals to take their Stars! It’ll cost you 20 coins to ride a Chain-Chomp however many spaces you get with a Dice Block. When you ride a Chain-Chomp, you’ll steal a Star from any rival you pass! You gotta get out there and ride those vicious Chain-Chomps to victory!”
Brighton, Mario Party 6

Snowflake Lake is a board in Mario Party 6. It is a winter wonderland, similar to Chilly Waters in Mario Party 3. This snowy board is surrounded by colorful evergreen trees, dog houses, and a few snowmen, along with a ski lift at the top-right corner of the board, and ice sculptures of a penguin, Mario, and his 8-bit form. In the center of the board is a small frozen pond that contains what appears to be the skeleton of a Bone Dragon. A Whomp blocks a path in front of an Orb Shop, and charges 10 coins for people to pass. Going this way will take the player to the right side of the frozen pond.

There are no Star Spaces on this board, nor does it feature any other method of buying Stars. Instead, each player starts with 5 Stars (or more depending on the number of Star handicaps), and the objective of the board is to steal Stars from the other players by riding Chain Chomps. There are four dog houses on the board, and when a player reaches one, they have the option of paying coins to ride a Chain Chomp. During the daytime, players can ride Chain Chomps at the cost of 20 coins for a Dice Block and move that many spaces from the dog house. For every player that the Chain Chomp passes, a Star is stolen from the victim and is given to the player riding the Chain Chomp. At night, players can purchase up to three Dice Blocks per ride, with each one costing 10 coins. Since this board has no Star Spaces, the only way that additional Stars can be received is from Donkey Kong via the DK Space. This board's premise is later reused for the Mario Party 7 board, Pyramid Park.

Landing on one of the two ? Spaces at the top of the board will make a snowman throw a large snowball that will roll along the path. This is similar to the big Mr. Blizzard from Chilly Waters, although there is no way to avoid this one. As it goes, it captures any players that are in the way and takes them back to the start. Landing on a ? Space next to the frozen pond activates a coin game. The rules are different depending on the time of day. During the daytime, Brighton will toss coins down to the players, who grab them while skating, until time is called. At night, players throw snowballs at each other to knock coins out of them for the taking. Also, during the night, large Freezies appear, blocking the paths to the middle of the board. They will melt when daylight comes. Additionally, during the day, there are two ? Spaces near the frozen pond; at night, there are four.

The board has a lot of Duel Spaces. In fact, it is the only board in the game where a Duel Space can be reached on the first turn.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space from Mario Party 6
Blue Spaces
48 (daytime)

46 (nighttime)

Red Space from Mario Party 6
Red Spaces
Happening Space from Mario Party 6
? Spaces
4 (daytime)

6 (nighttime)

Duel Space from Mario Party 6
Duel Spaces
Miracle Space from Mario Party 6
Miracle Spaces
Donkey Kong Space from Mario Party 6Bowser Space from Mario Party 6
DK or Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 72



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バトルマウンテン
Batoru Maunten
Battle Mountain

French Lac Flocon
Snowflake Lake
German Schneeflocken-Park
Snowflake Park
Italian Borgo Sottozero
Below-Zero Village
Spanish Lago helado
Frozen Lake