Warp Pipe Orb

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Warp Pipe Orb from Mario Party 6
A Warp Pipe Orb from Mario Party 6

A Warp Pipe Orb is an Orb first appearing in Mario Party 5, where it is known as a Warp Pipe Capsule. It replaces the Warp Pipe item from Mario Party 4. A player possessing a Warp Pipe Capsule can either throw it onto a space on the board or use it on oneself for ten coins. When activated, a roulette with the other three players' faces on it appears; the player who initiated the event switches spaces with whomever it lands on.

The item returns in Mario Party 6, now known as a Warp Pipe Orb. It costs ten coins at the Orb Shop, and players can now only use it on themselves.

Warp Pipe Orbs reappear in Mario Party 7, but they function differently. They are now roadblock Orbs; an opponent who passes by the space containing their roadblock gets caught by a Warp Pipe and sent back to the space they began their turn on, effectively subtracting the roadblock's distance from the starting position.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どかんカプセル
Dokan kapuseru
Pipe Capsule

German Röhren-Kapsel
Pipe Capsule