Miracle Capsule

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Miracle Capsule

The Miracle Capsule is a type of Capsule that only appears in Mario Party 5. Unlike other Capsules, a Miracle Capsule cannot be thrown onto the board or used by the player on themselves (though it can still be thrown away). If a player obtains three Miracle Capsules, Eldstar appears, and all of the first place player's Stars are given to the player in last place. Only the player in last place can receive a third Miracle Capsule, but they can be collected by any player if stolen by Lakitu Capsules or similar, though they still give the first place Stars to the player in last rather than the player who collected the Miracle Capsules. If the player in 1st place gets all three Miracle Capsules, the capsules are spent and nothing happens.[1] If two or more players are tied for first place, the Miracle Capsule chooses a target at random.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクルカプセル
Mirakuru Kapuseru
Miracle Capsule