Mushroom Space

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Mushroom Space
Mushroom Space sprite from Mario Party 5
Purpose Mario Party: The player rolls for either a second Dice Block or misses their next turn.
Mario Party 4: The player receives a Mega or Mini Mushroom.
Mario Party 5: Mushroom-related capsule space.
First appearance Mario Party (1998)
Latest appearance Mario Party 5 (2003)

The Mushroom Space is one of the spaces from the Mario Party series. It first appeared in the original Mario Party, in which it allows players that land on it to hit a roulette block showing a Mushroom and a Poisonous Mushroom. If the player gets a Mushroom when hit, they roll again, but if it is a Poisonous Mushroom, they lose their next turn. If they get a Poisonous Mushroom, another player uses a Warp Block to swap with them, and the space the former player is now on is a Red or Happening Space, their Player Panel will still turn blue. It is impossible to time the jump to get a Mushroom, since the result is determined when the player lands on this space[1].

In Mario Party 4, it returns and allows players that land on it to get either a Mini Mushroom or Mega Mushroom. Each mushroom is hidden at random inside one of two boxes, one large and one small, that the player must choose between. If they already have three items or it is the last turn of the game, the space does nothing when landed upon.

In Mario Party 5, players could only create Mushroom Spaces by placing a Mushroom Capsule, Super Mushroom Capsule, or Cursed Mushroom Capsule on a space. Anyone who lands on it gets whatever Mushroom is inside.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Case Champignon[2]
Mushroom Space


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